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Yesterday I created this blog and promised to start posting about food. But then we have to go out for some strolling in the mall, and of course, eat.  For the nth time, we dined in at our family's fave comfy restaurant, Teriyaki Boy at SM Megamall.  My daughter Mishka and son Tristan are pasta lovers. They are very picky when it comes to food, but at Teriyaki Boy, they are eating with real gusto.  My husband Raymond would order the Suki Beef Teppan Don with Japanese rice, which the kids really love. They would take turns in eating using the chopsticks and sometimes they are not contented, they would like to be fed with a spoon.  I myself would just take a quick bite of their mouthwatering gyoza and before I even took a sip of the bottomless iced tea, my son would again ask for his turn to eat.  Also included in our order is my new favorite noodle dish, Seafood Yakisoba.  I thought it's just another lame tasting yakisoba, but a definite No, I loved it.
I have told myself so many times that I will be taking photos of every dish that we ordered,  but it always never happen because of too much excitement to eat, when it is already served and the kids get wild because they want to eat immediately, there's no time for that and also it's forgotten. Once we ask for the bill, that's the time I remembered. So this photo is just what I have. (sigh)

I have dined in at Teriyaki Boy's other branches but I still go back to SM Megamall because of their comfortable couch perfect for my two kids who likes pushing chairs, at least when we're at Mega they will behave and Tristan will just be sitting on a high chair.

My Review:

Branch: SM Megamall - The Atrium
Price per meal: Good for 2 around 600-700 
Recommended dish:
Gyoza - this is always present every time we dine in
Ika Fry - this is better with their special soy sauce not the dip served with it
Suki Beef Teppan Don - the best rice topping
Philly Cheese Steak Roll - Loved it
Seafood Yakisoba - up to the last noodle and sliced bell pepper..superb taste!

Not Recommended:
Plain Yakisoba - it's like you're eating smoke

The next time you dine in try these above-mentioned dishes, you'll surely love it. Happy Eating.
It's Kung Hei Fat Choi already..

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