Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I grew up knowing food as a basic necessity for everyone. Never did I imagine it would be a fascination for me, rather than something that fills up my stomach. You might say gluttony is a sin, but for me loving food is one way to sustain your sanity if you have been so exhausted from a day's work. You don't have to push yourself to the level of getting obsessed with it, just loving it is enough.

Besides being a full time mom, the so-called 'me' time for me is cooking.  It became a hobby and it really gets me excited every time I plan on what to cook or just the thought that I'll be the one cooking for breakfast or lunch or dinner and sometimes midnight snacks.

Recently, I have thought of trying something I have never done before, kneading a dough.  My family, on my father's side are fond of eating this Chinese dumpling we call 'Swijao', in Japan it's similar to Gyoza.

So I have pulled out an old recipe I asked from my cousin,Christine Chu, a very long time ago, and with it, the memories where we used to visit their house,  enjoyed watching them prepare and very excited especially to taste the outcome of their hard work. With fond memories of how mouthwatering this recipe is, I have decided to give it a try. Ingredients were complete, I have with me a rolling pin too, which is essential because it saves time in making a cover for the filling.

Before I start preparing the dough, I closed my eyes and tried to remember how it was when my cousins were preparing it and the time they consumed doing it. Even though it's a lot of hard work with the mixing, kneading, rolling, filling and cooking, in the end I think they also felt good and fulfilled seeing us all munched up with their fruit of labor (",) They would prepare over a hundred pieces of Swijao for an hour or two, but when eating time comes, it's as if a hurricane came and consumed all the food. If I'm not mistaken, no one in our family has never tasted Swijao and ate with full gusto. Hmmm... until now I can still taste it.

This recipe makes me wonder if it's a Chinese or a Japanese dish. What do you think? I have not done my  research yet. What the H? It both taste good; steamed, boiled or fried, so delectable! I could eat 20 pieces in just a few minutes and still asking for more. If you have tasted both, you'll agree with me that it's in the sauce that makes them so munchy-licious.

With the sauce for the Swijao that consist of Kikkoman, sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic and some other spices, you have a complete meal and satisfaction for a moment with the after-effect of wanting more.

I have no idea what restaurants sell Swijao, but the Gyoza in Teriyaki Boy is one of the best for me. If you are interested to try this recipe, just leave a message/comment and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy eating!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Win Your Choice of Perfume

What better way to attract people to like your Facebook page is to create a unique promotion. A contest, a random raffle draw, a freebie or whatever it is that makes a person grab it without having second thoughts, you just have to abide by their rules to be able to qualify for their promo. Firstly, is by being a fan of the Facebook page by clicking the LIKE button, then some have to Share and Tag, Blog on it or Tweet it.

One of the first gimmicks of this Facebook page Estefania's Corner in order to gather more fans and reaching 150 likes, is a raffle for your choice of perfume. It's not just a typical cologne or spray mist, but it's eau de parfum from the Classic Collection of Federico Mahora brand of fragrances. The rules for this promo is to be a fan of Estefania's Corner, sharing the promo on their wall and tagging the said Facebook page. Easy as 1-2-3 and you can win an excellent quality perfume of your choice. For the list of the inspired Federico Mahora perfumes, check their photo albums for Men's classic collection and Women's classic collection. Estefania's Corner also sells others stuff you can use from head to foot.

What are you waiting for? Visit their facebook page and qualify to win. Expect more gimmicks to come so check their page often. Good luck!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Fun in Expecting if You're One of Them

People have been wanting to have a good life by gambling with fate. I have not met someone who's not wishing to have a house of their own, a new car, or new business or even to travel outside the country. Every body's dreaming of having the best of everything. I am thinking of ways on how to help other people but I have not yet been successful.  This time I know if destiny would just let me have it, then I might help a lot of people, not just my family and friends but also those who were in every corner of the world and  I meant my Facebook friends.  Today and the following days to come, I'll be betting with destiny and play the lottery, with it having the oath of sharing a part, no matter how big or small the gain is, to my current 570 Facebook friends.  I know some on my list of friends were literally not my real friends, not even acquainted but because of a certain group page or same school or common interest, but I don't mind sharing with them a fortune that has been given, if fate will grant it. It's a fairy tale-like to have come up with this kind of idea, with a big percentage of knowing it would not happen, but who knows it might.  My mother, Josephine Castro, have been playing the Philippine Lotto Draw since it began in the 1990's, and  the largest amount that we were able to win was four thousand pesos, I think. So today, 11th of February, the Grand Lotto 6/55 draw will have a jackpot winnings of more than P234M, whew! That's huge.

screenshot of Grand Lotto jackpot amount

 I decided to post a shout-out on my Facebook timeline that I will be giving a hundred thousand pesos to my each of my 570 social network friends if I happen to win the said jackpot, so dreamy huh! It would be 57M in total for all of them.  It's nothing if you're winnings include a two hundred million pesos.  Like most people say, share your blessings, and I really meant to share it with them.  If you are reading this and you're one in my list of friends, you may say or think it could be a joke, but it's not. This is true, it's not even a chain letter that you have to pass on to another person, so be happy and expect.  If you are not on my list of friends, well I'm sorry to say that you're not included, you might want to add me on your list but can't tell if I could share the fortune my friends will have. Sorry. (",)

Leave a comment or subscribed by leaving your email add or log in using your yahoo or gmail account if you read this and you're on my friends list., so I will know that you are aware of the fortune-sharing I have committed, in case I win. Good luck to all of us.


If you are my friend and you have more than one facebook account like my brother Nelson or my sister Charie I'm sorry but I would have to give you one share only, and that's 100,000.00 pesos. (",) As for my family and true friends, more will be given. Rejoice!

New Bathing Experience - The 'Q' effect

I don't usually spend hours in the bathroom since I got a kid of my own.  When I was still single, I spend more than 40minutes bathing, and I also have a routine for that, you wanna know how? Well, to summarize my bathing process, I shampoo my hair two times, use a conditioner two times in between shampoos. Bubbled up my body four times with scrubbing in between soaps and more than 5 minutes of  brushing teeth. That was before. Now my routine only has one shampoo, sometimes with conditioner,  two times soaping and super speed teeth-brushing, you might say eewww... I guess that's just because I am under time pressure whenever I stepped out of our bedroom.

I met a new friend through the Nestle Cream Delight Cook-off Challenge back in December 2011.  I have no idea that she makes soaps.  She sent me two kinds of soaps through a courier service as her Christmas gift.  It was Skin Clearing Carrot Kojic and Moringa Detox.

I used the kojic soap first.  I don't know that feeling but it felt good while I was using it. I'm not a fan of its smell, because it smells like oil (probably because that's what its made of, I have no idea,sorry) or sort of, but the way it runs down on my skin, you know there's something going on.  It's smooth, lotion-like feeling and after scrubbing your body with a towelette, there you'll know it works.  It detoxifies, it removes dead cells and after that you'll be refreshed. As the label says, it helps your skin to become smoother, lighter and pimple free, it can also be an antiseptic which fights fungal infections. Wow, that's a lot for a soap.

This new soap discovery made me stay in the bathroom for a longer time than usual. It made me an obsessive-compulsive person in a good way because I see to it that every time I take a bath I'll use the soap three or four times. That's how I love it. It's not just the rush-rush soaping, it's with passion and I can't help it.  Sorry but this may seem like an over-acting thingy, but mind you, you'll know what I'm telling you when you experience using the Q Capra Kojic Soap. Ms. Maricel Quitalig made it and I'm giving her a thumbs up for that.  Maybe, I have to try her other soap products, she also has this malunggay extract produce called Moringa Detox, which I have started using few days ago,  I'll blog on it maybe in a week or two, you'll find out more about it.

If you wish to experience the goodness of the products just go to her Facebook Page Q Capra Milk Soap, here's the link, become a fan by clicking the LIKE button. Post your queries on the wall to get details.

I think the price of the soap is cheaper compared to papaya or other kojic soaps in the market.  As of now I am planning of ordering more Q Capra Kojic soap experience, use it again and again. I might try also their new cute shape designs as gift this Valentine's Day. Will be spreading the love through Q Capra Milk Soap.

Don't be mind-boggled, it's a soap not an edible cupcake.  See how Q Capra Milk Soap can change in form but definitely its good quality will still be there.

Looking forward to another good experience and I'm glad this one is included in my 'will keep on doing this, again and again' list.

Good luck and more power to Q Capra Milk Soap. Experience worth sharing.

Q Capra Skin Clearing Carrot Kojic Soap
Ingredients:saponified oils of Olive, Cocoa butter, coconut , palm l, canolal, carrot extract, kojic acid, fresh goats milk, glycolic acid, vit ABC essential oil

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