Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Fun in Expecting if You're One of Them

People have been wanting to have a good life by gambling with fate. I have not met someone who's not wishing to have a house of their own, a new car, or new business or even to travel outside the country. Every body's dreaming of having the best of everything. I am thinking of ways on how to help other people but I have not yet been successful.  This time I know if destiny would just let me have it, then I might help a lot of people, not just my family and friends but also those who were in every corner of the world and  I meant my Facebook friends.  Today and the following days to come, I'll be betting with destiny and play the lottery, with it having the oath of sharing a part, no matter how big or small the gain is, to my current 570 Facebook friends.  I know some on my list of friends were literally not my real friends, not even acquainted but because of a certain group page or same school or common interest, but I don't mind sharing with them a fortune that has been given, if fate will grant it. It's a fairy tale-like to have come up with this kind of idea, with a big percentage of knowing it would not happen, but who knows it might.  My mother, Josephine Castro, have been playing the Philippine Lotto Draw since it began in the 1990's, and  the largest amount that we were able to win was four thousand pesos, I think. So today, 11th of February, the Grand Lotto 6/55 draw will have a jackpot winnings of more than P234M, whew! That's huge.

screenshot of Grand Lotto jackpot amount

 I decided to post a shout-out on my Facebook timeline that I will be giving a hundred thousand pesos to my each of my 570 social network friends if I happen to win the said jackpot, so dreamy huh! It would be 57M in total for all of them.  It's nothing if you're winnings include a two hundred million pesos.  Like most people say, share your blessings, and I really meant to share it with them.  If you are reading this and you're one in my list of friends, you may say or think it could be a joke, but it's not. This is true, it's not even a chain letter that you have to pass on to another person, so be happy and expect.  If you are not on my list of friends, well I'm sorry to say that you're not included, you might want to add me on your list but can't tell if I could share the fortune my friends will have. Sorry. (",)

Leave a comment or subscribed by leaving your email add or log in using your yahoo or gmail account if you read this and you're on my friends list., so I will know that you are aware of the fortune-sharing I have committed, in case I win. Good luck to all of us.


If you are my friend and you have more than one facebook account like my brother Nelson or my sister Charie I'm sorry but I would have to give you one share only, and that's 100,000.00 pesos. (",) As for my family and true friends, more will be given. Rejoice!

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