Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Bathing Experience - The 'Q' effect

I don't usually spend hours in the bathroom since I got a kid of my own.  When I was still single, I spend more than 40minutes bathing, and I also have a routine for that, you wanna know how? Well, to summarize my bathing process, I shampoo my hair two times, use a conditioner two times in between shampoos. Bubbled up my body four times with scrubbing in between soaps and more than 5 minutes of  brushing teeth. That was before. Now my routine only has one shampoo, sometimes with conditioner,  two times soaping and super speed teeth-brushing, you might say eewww... I guess that's just because I am under time pressure whenever I stepped out of our bedroom.

I met a new friend through the Nestle Cream Delight Cook-off Challenge back in December 2011.  I have no idea that she makes soaps.  She sent me two kinds of soaps through a courier service as her Christmas gift.  It was Skin Clearing Carrot Kojic and Moringa Detox.

I used the kojic soap first.  I don't know that feeling but it felt good while I was using it. I'm not a fan of its smell, because it smells like oil (probably because that's what its made of, I have no idea,sorry) or sort of, but the way it runs down on my skin, you know there's something going on.  It's smooth, lotion-like feeling and after scrubbing your body with a towelette, there you'll know it works.  It detoxifies, it removes dead cells and after that you'll be refreshed. As the label says, it helps your skin to become smoother, lighter and pimple free, it can also be an antiseptic which fights fungal infections. Wow, that's a lot for a soap.

This new soap discovery made me stay in the bathroom for a longer time than usual. It made me an obsessive-compulsive person in a good way because I see to it that every time I take a bath I'll use the soap three or four times. That's how I love it. It's not just the rush-rush soaping, it's with passion and I can't help it.  Sorry but this may seem like an over-acting thingy, but mind you, you'll know what I'm telling you when you experience using the Q Capra Kojic Soap. Ms. Maricel Quitalig made it and I'm giving her a thumbs up for that.  Maybe, I have to try her other soap products, she also has this malunggay extract produce called Moringa Detox, which I have started using few days ago,  I'll blog on it maybe in a week or two, you'll find out more about it.

If you wish to experience the goodness of the products just go to her Facebook Page Q Capra Milk Soap, here's the link, become a fan by clicking the LIKE button. Post your queries on the wall to get details.

I think the price of the soap is cheaper compared to papaya or other kojic soaps in the market.  As of now I am planning of ordering more Q Capra Kojic soap experience, use it again and again. I might try also their new cute shape designs as gift this Valentine's Day. Will be spreading the love through Q Capra Milk Soap.

Don't be mind-boggled, it's a soap not an edible cupcake.  See how Q Capra Milk Soap can change in form but definitely its good quality will still be there.

Looking forward to another good experience and I'm glad this one is included in my 'will keep on doing this, again and again' list.

Good luck and more power to Q Capra Milk Soap. Experience worth sharing.

Q Capra Skin Clearing Carrot Kojic Soap
Ingredients:saponified oils of Olive, Cocoa butter, coconut , palm l, canolal, carrot extract, kojic acid, fresh goats milk, glycolic acid, vit ABC essential oil

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