Friday, March 16, 2012

BLOGGERS: Got My Free FIRMOO Eyewear

Just 2 weeks ago I saw this advertisement on Facebook about give-away for bloggers. It's a gift, it's free and it's just a click away. I wrote an article about FIRMOO eyewear last March 6, 2012. Had exchanged emails with Li Wenjie from China and he appreciated the article so much, I told him once i received the item, expect another article from me and he was happy about it.

Days passed and I almost forgot that I have something to receive from China.

Well, it was yesterday afternoon (",) when EMS delivery van parked in front of our gate and I thought it's from Anlene again, wrong guess. Saying it's from Nanjing, China and I suddenly remembered Firmoo, paid P40.00 only for Postage handling and hurried upstairs to open the parcel.

There I wore it and looked at the mirror.  It is my first eye wear with clear lens, not corrective because I'm proud to say I have 20/20 vision or I'm just farsighted (",)

But it looks better on my daughter Marishka.

Thanks to Li Wenjie. My daughter and I liked it so much.

Firmoo Eyewear also offers free eyewear for new buyers excluding shipping fee.
Visit their site now. Click here.

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