Saturday, March 17, 2012

If it's METRODEAL it's a DEAL : ENSEMBLE e-travel Scam

re-posted from old blog - november 28, 2011

I have heard the news about the scam on e-travel vouchers particularly those purchased from Metrodeal's 50% off on Palawan vacation inclusive of airfare, meals and island tour package. I just had a glance on it on 24 oras in GMA channel 7 news and said to myself "buti nalang di ako nagpurchase ng mga ganyan, mapapahamak pako".

Days passed by, I suddenly thought of my Uncle Fred from Canada, told us he'll be giving away a free trip to Palawan for 2 with the travel package i mentioned, well unfortunately, he was victimized by that scam and my excitement on our upcoming reunion raffle draw diminished. It's just so sad how people would do such things to their fellow people, knowing in the end they will caught and be sued and might pay more from they have earned through that scam. Well the fight is still on and I told my uncle that I'll be dealing with Metrodeal regarding their purchase. Let us see if Metrodeal can deal with this unfortunate event in their business life, or will this be the end for Metrodeal's good image?

So now we'll have to wait for their reply as I have emailed Metrodeal support and attached my Uncle's payment confirmation as well as the vouchers emailed to him.

In this case, even if Ensemble e-travel failed to commit to the one thousand plus clients who purchased the vouchers, Metrodeal will be on the frontline of complaints because they are the ones who made Ensemble's scam happen. It is their fault at one point because before a merchant gains approval to become a business partner of Metrodeal, they do meet ups and probably visited the offices of their future business partners and once they get to know the company and their capabilities to commit on a certain deal, approval comes next, so comes sales for both of them.

I would like to appeal to Metrodeal to commit with the victims of this scam and let them celebrate Christmas with a smile in Palawan with the complete package that was written in their vouchers.

Soon I'll be blogging on how Metrodeal dealt with e-travel scam victims. Thanks for reading this.

Feel free to comment if you also are a victim of this scam, and share if there's any progress or failure on their part to commit with you.

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