Friday, March 9, 2012

Shoe Lovers Get ELEVATEd

When I was still single, 5 years ago, I used to buy shoes whenever I want.  Even if I know I couldn't wear it on a daily basis, because it's so elegant and those type of shoes could be worn only on cocktail parties, I'd still purchase it. I love stilettos with 2 to 3-inch heels, never worn any flat shoes because I'm having leg cramps with it. Whenever I shop for shoes I don't spend much time inside boutiques, I know what would be good on my feet when I see one, so I just scan the display racks and if I see nothing interesting, I'll go to the other shop, and if something sparkles, I'll grab it, pay then go.  Most of the shoes I like wearing are from Celine, Centropelle, Wade, Primadonna and others I already forgot. Now, I only have a few pairs of shoes, and those I bought before didn't fit anymore, because when you get pregnant, your feet gets bigger, I don't believe in that before, but I've experienced it and so goodbye to my beautiful shoe collection.

I seldom do the shopping for myself since I have not much time to go to the mall alone. With my two kids that are so hyperactive whenever we go out, it's hard to stay in one place for a minute longer. (",) 

As I was browsing the net for shoes, I came across this Facebook page ELEVATE, it got my attention because of their killer heels.

my personal favorites

I liked the page and already loved the wedges collection. I know I can't wear too much heels now because I might trip while carrying my son in the malls. I have seen a lot of online shoe stores but I just ignored it because I'm doubting it wouldn't fit me knowing every apparel and shoe online store has a No Return No Exchange Policy, it would be a waste of money for me.  But this ELEVATE collection got much of my attention and guess what?  I ordered two from their February Collection.

I know this color would blend well on my skin tone.

This for sure is not one of the killer heels, so I can wear it wherever I go.

This ELEVATE online shop started spreading its chic collection last June 2011, by entrepreneur Kamille Santos, a Collegio de San Juan de Letran graduate, married now and residing in Taguig City at age she requested not to mention. (",)  I just had a good chat with her while ordering her shoes.  She mentioned that when she saw her closet is filled with great shoes, Kamille thought of selling those kinds online. So she started posting photos on her personal Facebook account, and realized she wanted to separate her business on her private life, she then created this Facebook page ELEVATE. Why the name? Obviously because of the great heels no less than 2 inches. A pair costs P1,000 and up, not much for a great pair though, knowing you'll love it every time you wear it.

ELEVATE is currently having a Pick of the Week contest for Likers on their page. If the page reaches a hundred likes, the lucky winner will own this chic and wild, leopard print killer heels pair of their size, of course. 

Look stunning and sexy in Leopard prints

So what are you waiting for visit their site now and click the Like button. There you'll see the price for each pair, the order form and their shopping and shipping guidelines.

Here's the link to ELEVATE's page

Soon on ELEVATE: A Multiply Online Store, a Twitter account, own website and a physical store. 

My Order:

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