Thursday, April 19, 2012

From Peace of Mind to World Peace

If you let your life live each quote a day, result is Peace of mind. Why not live it for a hundred days times a hundred more, maybe we could have world peace?

These quotations were made by heart, experience and influenced by the people surrounding me. The situation at times would seem hard to comprehend especially the people involved in it, if you just let me guide you through this piece of writing and apply it to yourself and to every kind of situation you encounter, it could give you a fulfilment and happiness you have never felt before. This applies to all; man and woman, husband and wife, father and mother, family, relatives, friends, children, colleague, even acquaintances, president or any politician, model, chef, actor and actress, driver, soldier, OFWs, accountant, cashier, bell boy, manager, student, employee, news reporter, celebrities like Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, Donald Trump, Paris Hilton, philanthropists Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, singers Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Usher, Justin Bieber and Kanye West, Charice, Gary V., super kind hearted Celine Dion… who else?…That was really a lot to mention, but what matters most is, YOU.

I am not an expert in life but seeing and observing things that I encountered and watched everyday makes me think things out of the box. ‘What if’s’ are my basis, sometimes they help me clear my mind from unwanted thoughts thus giving me peace of mind. 

My mind sometimes would want to explode with ideas, different ideas for every situation. I told myself, ‘why not put it in writing’, so that I can share with everybody what’s on my mind and hopefully would help them in some ways to get through a day in their life.

So here goes to living a quote a day…. for 15 days

1st day

It doesn’t have to be YOU in order for you to understand the situation, by just imagining yourself in that person’s shoes, you’ll know. Observe. Analyze. Care.

2nd day

You don’t wait for someone to leave you forever to realize their worth. The prevention of feeling hurt and having regrets of not doing anything for them is doing the unimaginable, unthinkable and impossible, so one would not take the stage of stepping into hopelessness and worthlessness.

3rd day

If someone says mean and hurtful things to you, you don’t talk back and do the same, instead keep quiet. It can be your weapon and win life’s battles. Humility does not place you into being a coward but bravery in understanding that not every argument both parties should participate.

4th day

Imagining things you wanted in life would help you through the day. The feeling of hope makes a person regain youthfulness in mind and heart. Having to smile in the hope of achieving your dreams one day is one way to boost your spirit and do things in a different but effective way.

5th day

Leaders become leaders because they understand that one has to guide someone to achieve a specific goal, and being a good follower is just one step to it.

6th day

A child’s temper at times are uncontrollable because they cannot express fully what they wanted to achieve, they easily get frustrated, but they don’t deserve to be spanked or be hurt for them to know what they’re doing is not right, instead, set an example of a situation, compare them to their favourite cartoon character and explain carefully what to do and not to do when things go wrong. They would probably think of it as their basis when another frustration gets in their way.

7th day

Asking a question to a person you just met or asking for a direction of a place, for example, does not make you less smart but makes you smarter because you didn’t just gain a piece of knowledge but it also made your goal less complicated to achieve.

8th day

Someone, probably you, has to step back when people are trying to go on one direction, it would help you think better and realized that there are easier ways to get there, and when you decide to move a step towards that direction you’ll be surprise you’re already ahead of them because you have a broader knowledge. Take your time and think.

9th day

If there is one goal you intend to reach the most, you would climb that pyramid no matter what it takes, because you have will power and desire to fulfil a dream. Don’t let small things bother you instead re-route direction; you would end up with that goal any ways.

10th day

When people keep on hurting you emotionally, you think first why they’re doing it, evaluate the situation, maybe you’ve done wrong or hurtful things to him. Confront him, don’t be afraid, it’s better to know the reason behind their action straight from the concerned person’s mouth, not just through other people it may not be accurate at all and will make things worse.

11th day

Being religious or able to know every detail in the Bible, doesn’t make one a saint, it takes a pure heart, a good deed and a good thought to be considered one.

12th day

Unconditional love still exists. Practice it.

13th day

If you don’t feel good about yourself, don’t expect people to appreciate and feel good about you. Remember that it all starts with you and you alone. 

14th day

Don’t let simple things bother you. It may ruin your day, and worse, others. Then you’ll realize, it’s not worth it.

15th day

Every time you didn’t appreciate a loved one’s effort of making you happy, makes them realize if you appreciate them at all. A simple kiss or just a thank you note, if you can’t really say or express it, would make their day a brighter one.

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There you go my beloved readers. I hope I had shed some enlightenment in you and made you contemplate on things that relate to you.

I probably add some in the future, maybe for another 15 days. 

Happy reading!

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