Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just For Two at Amici

This is just one of the moments were my husband and I would dine in together less the kids. We had a quick lunch date and some groceries. While we are at SM Megamall, we always think of a better place to eat and of course, good food. Our dine-ins mostly include the kids and together with their naughty deeds, sometimes I don't give much attention to food.

Now, our 4th time to visit Amici restaurant in Atrium, SM Megamall branch, is something special because we had our bonding time. We were not able to go out on a date for our 5th wedding anniversary last March and also our 14 years of being together.

 So the cozy place is not your usual dining experience because Amici restaurant has this Caramia cake and gelato ice cream station which my family loves. We always order desserts when we dine in at Amici and is always an appetizer thing for us especially our kids.

The Menu

Amici at SM Megamall Atrium

My all-time fave cake Brazo de Mercedes at Php65 
and Tentazione at Php80 

This is my usual order Spaghetti Ai Tesori del Mare at P322
(a mildly spicy feast of spaghetti tossed in fresh tomatoes, scallops, clams
mussels and chili oil)

Good for 2 per serving if you're not a Pasta lover, but I am, so I finished a plate. Delicioso! 

Sogliola Mugnaia at Php328
(Pan-seared sole fillet in butter and lemon sauce, served with rice pilaf)

This is my husband's order and is becoming one of his favorite dishes. We also ordered to-go for the kids which is the mouthwatering Ravioli di Spinaci at Php243.

My Review:

Name: Amici 
Branch:  3rd Level, SM Megamall Atrium 
Price: 400 - 600 per person

Recommended dishes:

Ravioli di Spinaci - the first time I tasted this feels like heaven,I never tasted anything like this before. A must-not-neglect when ordering.

Spaghetti Ai Tesori del Mare - if you love spicy-sour-seafood-pasta this is the perfect dish for you

Rotolo di Pollo Porchettato - chicken fillet with a creamy ricotta cheese filling wrapped in strips of bacon (my husband's old fave)

Sogliola Mugnaia - I love lemon butter sauce on fish fillet, you can never go wrong with it's combination. (my husband's new fave)

For cake slices:

Nocciola Gateau - hazelnut cream cheese and rich dark chocolate in layers of crunchy meringue 
(my daughter Mishka can eat a whole slice of this)

Tentazione - for chocolate lovers but are diabetic, this is great for you because it isn't sweet as it looks

Mango Sans Rival - it's mango and sans rival in one, everyone's favorite and it's gelato!

Not Recommended:

Just the Christmas themed cake with green and red hard icing on the side with cherry on top. I can't even remember the name but I can't forget its taste, bland. Anyway, I think it's seasonal so never mind. 

Updated April 9th

Finally, I found my photo of the cake. 
Taken last January through my phone.

Happy eating!

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