Monday, May 7, 2012

The New Samsung Galaxy S III

This new smartphone from Samsung would definitely make Apple into thinking of new add-on enhancements for the next iPhone 5.


The Samsung Galaxy S III was unveiled last May 3rd and it is said that the features of this new smartphone focuses on faster processor and larger screen compared to Apple iPhone 4S's 3.5 inches.

photo: Samsung

It also has a multitasking screen function where you can watch a video while typing a message. That sounds great, indeed. And this part is the best, besides voice and face recognition capabilities, it has an eye detection feature that would unlock a phone if user looks in the smartphone's 4.8-inch screen.

This Sumon,Korea-based Samsung smartphone will be released first in Europe, including London where it was first launched, and summertime in the US. Hopefully, soon in our country. Expect its price to be cheaper than that of Apple's, that's what Samsung's added edge in the market. So let's keep our techie-senses up and wait for this new gadget to land in our precious soil and precious hands soon. 

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