Monday, June 11, 2012

Sweet Life Coffee: Your Morning till Midnight Coffee Shop in the Neighborhood

Yesterday, June 10th,  I attended the Grand Opening and blessing of 
Sweet Life Coffee at Greenwoods Executive Village in Cainta, Rizal. The location is not hard to find as there were banners in the village that will lead you to the coffee shop. 

I saw four tarpaulin signs before reaching the place,
this one's at Palmetto Street

Motorcade started an hour before the Grand Opening

this is for you, coffee lovers out there

the beautiful facade

Sweet Life Coffee already started operating last February termed as soft opening. Most of their customers are from this village and close friends and relatives of the owners Noel Mate, his sister Nora Mate Geconcillo and her husband Jenkin Geconcillo.  This family business was well planned and you could see everything is perfect in it's place.

this set-up has both sides on the front porch, 
smoking area I guess

the almost-spiral staircase going to the 2nd floor 

my daughter relaxes on the sofa while waiting 
for other visitors

a unisex comfort room with a cozy light 
that makes you want to stay longer

own parking space

most of Sweet Life's decorations were vintage items

this Special room on the 2nd floor can accommodate 
20-25 persons, great for meetings and seminars

view from the top

Menu 1
coffee and other beverages

Menu 2
pasta,waffles and meals
not listed here are their cakes and pastries
in their glass cooler storage

Guests started arriving at 5:00PM and the staff are so busy preparing for the event. The most awaited moment started exactly at 5:40PM with the ribbon cutting of the owner with two guest celebrities.

Jenkin (middle) with Marco Alcaraz and Ervic Vijandre

Rev. Fr. Cesar C. Vergara gives his blessing rites

my daughter Mishka and I with this handsome stranger

The blessing of the entire Sweet Life Coffee shop ended with the throwing of coins for good luck. Guests started coming in and before you know it, the coffee shop is already full even on the front porch. The staff started serving sweets like brownies and Food for the gods. 

Strawberry Waffle which Mishka and I loved
(this is not their usual serving plate of course)

Chocolate Waffle

I ordered all flavors of Sweet Life Soda
Strawberry (Mishka's fave), Kiwi and Watermelon (my fave)

Iced Chocolate with whipped cream

Pesto (see menu for prices)

I also tasted Spaghetti Bolognese, delicious with a minty taste. My favorite pasta is the Gourmet Tuyo which I ate in a matter of minutes and realized I forgot to take a photo of it. HUH! I also ordered Alfredo Linguine to-go for my husband, he liked it and I ate some also, it was so flavorful and the chicken has a hint of lemon in it. Loveeeeet!

Sweet Life souvenir Tumblers cost P150

Sweet Life Mugs cost P150

If you are looking for a comfy, cool and an elegant place; searching for delectable meals and coffee but for a cheaper price; away from crowded and busy streets, Sweet Life Coffee is what you're looking for. Great meals, sweets and drinks all in one place. 

It opens at 7:00AM and closes at midnight daily. 

The Special Room meeting and/or seminar package cost P3,000 for 3.5 hours and the P2,000 worth is consumable. For inquiries, you may call Sweet Life Coffee's landline number 571-0109.

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French Macaroons - definitely a must try

the friendly Service crew

an inside look at the kitchen
neat and tidy

Sweet Life's cute model Jeziel (",)

Marco, Noel, Nora, Jenkin and Ervic

The Owners with Brent Javier

a souvenir from last night's event
Thank you and Good Luck Kuya Noel, Ate Nora and Jenkin

Visit this site for more Sweet Life Coffee photos

Sweet Life Coffee is located at Ph6 Chestnut cor. Celery Sts. Greenwoods Executive Village, Cainta

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