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Baby & me Club - Mothercare Philippines Event

whazzbloggin you and me Last June 30, 2012, a once in a month event for expectant mothers was held at Mothercare store in Bonifacio High Street, Global City. I was invited by the pretty mom-host Marylaine Viernes who is a regular in Philips Avent events, a famous brand for baby products also available at Mothercare.

I arrived as early as 2PM which I thought was the start of the event, but then it's fine with me as I was able to take some photos of the store with less people in it.

Baby & me Club

Store facade located at 9th Avenue 28th Street BHS

Looking from the outside you'll never imagine
this store would be that big

Just getting started

Moms-to-be necessities

Mothercare is a specialist retailer of products for expectant mothers,babies and young children. It was originally from the UK and has over 400 stores worldwide. Mothercare Philippines has 7 branches located in the following areas:

Active Fun Building, Bonifacio High Street
Greenbelt 5
Shangri-la Plaza Mall
Trinoma Mall
Robinsons Galleria
SM Masinag
Abreeza Mall, Davao

There are still 3-4 branches which will be opened before the year ends according to Ms. Mariel Bartolome - Manager of Mothercare Philippines and Early Learning Centre.

Mothercare also has a comfortable Nursery and Changing Room
that you won't see everyday in a non-mall venue store

Very neat and well ventilated
They also have their own Fitting and Comfort Room

Registration Booth comes with a Free Smart Parenting Magazine

MC Marylaine

Ms. Rain Buensuceso from New Beginnings and Frisomum (sponsor)

New Beginnings is a support group for pregnant moms and already-mothers as well. This progressive group aims to ease what moms-to-be undergo during pregnancy. They give advises and tips as well as provide useful information on how-to-be and what-to-do before and during pregnancy. They also offer this new milk for pregnant and lactating mothers called Frisomum

The attendees of the event were able to have a taste of this milk that can only be purchased on-line. I love how Frisomum tasted, it's like your drinking a melted vanilla ice cream that is not too sweet, I liked it but then I'm not in the stage to take it as I'm not pregnant. (",)

Frisomum is the first pregnant and lactating milk that contains an advance formula with both Prebiotics and Probiotics that aids in a healthy digestive system.

Ms. Rain gave me a 900mg Frisomum can, I'll give this
to my cousin, Joan, who just gave birth and is now a breastfeeding mom.

Dra. Mae Skyi-Young from the Makati Medical Center

OB-Gyne doctor Mae Skyi-Young discussed the stages and important information on Prenatal and Postnatal care. It was so informative that almost everybody wanted to ask questions after her presentation. It was a very clear and concise discussion and all questions were answered in a very understandable non-medical terms. She supports cord blood banking.

Ms. Mariel Bartolome sharing her pregnancy experience
and how Mothercare can help expectant moms with their needs.

In between presentations, there were some raffle prizes from Mothercare and Palmer's that made the crowd much more alive.

Raffle Prizes from Mothercare

Philips Avent giveaway includes Avent breast pads, 
Avent nipple cream, Avent cup and Germ killer disinfectant

1st batch of winners c/o Mothercare Philippines

2nd Batch of winners c/o Mothercare and Palmer's Philippines

Most of the raffle winners were pregnant, they really are the lucky ones (",) But I am hoping next time I would win some too.

The last speaker was from Stemcord Philippines, Ms. Phoebe Te. She discussed the importance and procedure of cord blood banking and how investing in this system would benefit your children big time.

Stemcord Philippines Inc.

Stemcord Philippines offers cord blood banking which is a procedure done immediately after the baby is born. For some parents, they don't know how the extraction of blood cells from the umbilical cord is a very important decision to make, because this is a future investment for your child's health and security. This is to prepare for a possible cure in case something is not right on your child's health. Ms. Phoebe Te would definitely be glad to assist you in case you want a comprehensive information regarding cord blood banking. Contact details below.

The event will not be complete without these yummy treats from Slice High St and The Sexy Chef. No one went home empty handed and hungry.

Neatly packed Korean and Japanese meal from The Sexy Chef
(fyi Singer Rachel Alejandro is a co-owner of The Sexy Chef)

Slice High St staff preparing Frisomum cupcakes

Frisomum Cupcake. Indeed a super yummy treat.
I loved it. Hope I could eat one again soon.

I get to take home both Korean and Japanese foodie because I have no more time to eat at the venue. My husband and I enjoyed the delicious and healthy meals from The Sexy Chef.  It was a successful and a great event that would make Moms and Moms-to-be craving for more. 

A full packed lively audience, of course mostly pregnant women and their supportive husbands seem to enjoy the event. I will be more likely to attend again any upcoming Baby & me Club, Mothercare events.

Frisomum freebies

L-R Ms. Mariel Bartolome, Ms. Phoebe Te, Marylaine Viernes and me

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  1. josephine castroJuly 2, 2012 at 11:36 AM

    I'm sure MOTHERCARE is glad to have you there,

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  3. Dra Syki-Young is my cousin's doctor from MMC.. hihi :)
    nice event.

  4. We recently got a baby stroller from this store and the wheels gave away in a week. But sorry to say the staffs there were not helpful at all. Never going to visit this store henceforth . What's the point of organising all these functions if they lack in good customer service

    1. Hi there. Sorry to hear that you have a bad experience with Mothercare. You can email me your contact details and tell me abt what happened, let's see what we can do about it. They are one f the famous baby stores here and known for good quality products, maybe we can still do something about it, you still bought it and a good service must be given to you. Shoot me an email, will be waiting here..


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