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Bessie Badilla: Dance of My Life (A Cinemalaya Documentary Film)

Previously I posted about a Tourism Ambassadress who has contributed a lot in promoting our country's best, top tourists spots and made a great achievement by putting up a Facebook page, together with her friends, that's been creating a buzz in the Tourism industry. Come Visit My Philippines helped much in the increase of visitors in our country and also made some OFWs re-visit their long-forgotten soil because of the attractive vacay destinations, mouthwatering Filipino delicacies and of course the ever-hospitable 'us'.  This would not be possible if Ms. Bessie Badilla and her great friends, Mr. Francois Medina and Mr. Alex Baguio had not created Come Visit My Philippines.

photo taken from CVMP page

This 10-month old Philippine tourism promoter page has 38,446 members and still growing. Every month is a new challenge and a theme to celebrate for. Please take a peek of Come Visit My Philippines and ask to join the group to unveil the gorgeous photos that you can only see here in our country. The best and most voted photos can also be seen in this FB page Come Visit My Philippines Amazing Image of the Month Winners Page

Speaking of Ms.Bessie Badilla, known to many as the First Filipina to gain the title of Carnival Queen in Brazil, will be featured in the Cinemalaya Festival this end of July. Her documentary short film entitled Dance of My Life will be shown at the Cultural Center of the Philippines this July 27th at 9:00PM. Ticket price is P150 and can be purchased through this contact number (02) 832-3704
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Meet Bessie Badilla, the first Filipina ever to become Carnival Queen in Brazil. 
DANCE OF MY LIFE is a 75-minute documentary that follows Bessie's life, 
from her humble origins in the Philippines to her modeling days in Paris 
for the House of Balenciaga, to her life as a suburban wife and mother. 
How did this "woman of a certain age" become Carnival Queen in a 
quintessentially Brazilian event? As Bessie tells her stories
 on DANCE OF MY LIFE, audiences come away feeling 
we should all be dancing too.

To know more about Dance of My Life please visit this page

A sneak preview on the much awaited documentary film of Ms. Bessie Badilla's Dance of My Life

c/o Lycabrown

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Let us all watch her docu film Dance of My Life on the 27th of July, 9PM. Ms. Bessie Badilla will be in the country to be at the CCP theater. See you there! Yes, I'll  be there too (",)

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