Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mandaue Foam has MORE to Offer

There's so much going on at Mandaue Foam Facebook page. They are giving away a furniture a week to their deserving fans. Many of you know that Mandaue Foam offers quality and elegant furniture. I find some to be very welcoming and if only I have space on my credit card I wouldn't have second thoughts swiping it.

Here are some furniture that I think would look better and great for our home.

Foldable Table and chair (photo from fb page)
This will be great for our terrace. You can spend you time
relaxing on this furniture while drinking you
favorite coffee and eating nachos.

Relaxation-for-the-whole-family furniture is what best described this
sofa, bonding moments are ON with this

By the way below is what Mandaue Foam is giving away this week on their Facebook page.

Model: R3005 SOFA BED

Isn't it so comfy to look at what more if you could sit and sleep on this Sofabed, you might want to be a couch potato forever. LOL (but you can exercise from time to time)

So what are you waiting for, go to Mandaue Foam Furniture Store Facebook page and do the following simple guidelines on how to win this elegantly comfortable designed furniture.

*  Like Mandaue Foam on Facebook
*  Look for this photo on their wall and click like.
*  Share the photo on your wall and make sure you set your profile to public so Mandaue Foam admins
    can check your entry.
*  Tag your friends on the photo share post
*  The more times you share this to your friends, and they became fans of Mandaue Foam, the more
    chances of winning.

Announcement of winner will be on Monday,July 30, 2012. Visit their fan page more often for more great finds and giveaway. I wonder how my beloved readers would react if I will host a giveaway for Mandaue Foam. Thought it would be great. Just shoot me an email Mandaue Foam (",)

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