Friday, July 27, 2012

what's bugging me right now...

It's just so sad, I had to share it here. I wanted to help my Aunt who just had breast cancer recurrence. The specialist said that chemotherapy is needed immediately and so they are processing the documents, results etcetera, for the scheduling of chemo. I talked to her this morning and she is crying so hard,I really wanted to help her.

This is her photo taken just 3 weeks ago, her hair just started growing and she will lose it again with the treatment.

Auntie Letty on the right..
her fb page just in case you want to check her

Taken last January with her family, her son is just 12 years old (had a mistake on age)
, this was our family reunion, she was bald then

I have asked some famous bloggers on how can my blog help my Aunt for her chemo, I'm waiting for their reply.   My dear readers, can you give me some advises how can I do some fund raising by using my only means of communication outside these four corners of our room. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I have seen some donation campaign on some blogs sidebar.. I wanted to add something like that here but I don't know how. Maybe a dollar or two for a donation would help my Aunt, if many kindhearted people would donate it will definitely be less financial burden for our family.

A Herceptin vial costs P40,000 plus here, and she needed two vials on her chemo every three weeks. She works at the Department of Justice in the municipality of Pateros Metro Manila. She just reports for work if her body allows her to, but now she has so much going on her body. My Auntie Letty is a fighter, she's a strong person in nature, never you can see her cry , but she's vulnerable this time, hearing her cry over the phone breaks my heart. She told me she can't tell others of her current situation that why I first told our relatives through our Facebook group page.

I hope soon everything will be better again for my Auntie, we love her so much. It's not time yet. Not yet. Not now. Not in 10 years. She has a lot to offer, and dreams for her 12yr old son. She's more or less 52 years old and told me she doesn't want to go and leave us... that's why she's fighting.

I wanted to help her. Please help me help her. I don't do things like these but for my Aunt's health and welfare and life, I will beg.

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