Sunday, July 29, 2012

ZFiles: Home and Work Accessories

Who says Zalora items are just women, men and kids apparel,? Nope, it isn't. They have a wide variety of products if you just take time and browse on their website. They've got all you need.

They also have home accessories, office essentials, kitchen helpers etc. You could spend hours not getting bored at Zalora website.

The items in the photo are similar to the following:

Brand: Bungalow 300
 Scallop Pillow 

Brand: Umbra
4x6 photo Vintage 5 UP
Great memory keeper for big families.

My great finds:

55 Fotofalls Floor
Photos on clips. I think I'd rather use displayed in my bedroom
and stare at the happy memories hanging
on the bedside table before sleeping. Good dreams.

FD Watchboxes
FD-35 Black Organizer
Ideal for my husband's watches, I always wanted to get 
him a watchbox but he doesn't want me to buy one, he said 
he already has a box for each of his watches.

Regalong Pambahay
Obelisk Table Lamp
I love this simple but elegantly styled lamp, I prefer
to place this in the living room, gives me peace of mind
just by looking at it.

To see more of Zalora Home Accessories click here.

Oh, by the way, if you'll be purchasing at, don't forget to use this voucher code to avail of  the discount.

all letters except last character zero

I can't think of any on-line shop where you can find everything you needed, at Zalora it's just a click away and your most precious item on your wishlist will be right at your doorstep within 24 hours. Isn't it awesome!

Z that fast, Z that convenience. ZALORA.

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Happy shopping!

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