Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ZFiles: Zalora for Kids Too!

Sometimes it's hard for a parent to buy clothes for their children especially when it comes to pants and shoes.  For shirts it's just easy and everybody knows that. My daughter Mishka and my son Tristan could be tagged as Gingersnaps models, because 90% of their shirts and pants come from the said store. And now I'm glad that Zalora.com.ph has Gingersnaps too. That way I'll just browse and not exhaust myself from going to the mall with the two kids running here and there. Convenience and hassle free is what Zalora offers you and satisfaction sinks in when you see their sophisticated Zalora box being handed over to you by a courier service staff.

Now let's look at other Gingersnaps apparel prospect for my kids. What my kids have in their closet are more of printed shirts and plain jeans. I have never bought my daughter a skirt or dress from Gingersnaps, so here's what I wanted to purchase next for my Mishka.

Brand: Gingersnaps
Rose Ruffle Tulip Dress

Brand: Celestina & Co.
Two tone Bow, great for Gingersnap's white dress 
Price: P90.00

Brand: Gingersnaps
Model: Jersey Tee Stripes with Aster Flower Print

This tee (up) goes well with this floral skirt (below).
Brand: Gingersnaps
Floral Gingham Full Skirt
Description: This above the knee skirt with red and purple floral 
combination in a whole blue printed gingham skirt is perfect for 
your daughter's party gigs.
Price: P549.75

Brand: Periwinkle
Model: Trip 11 Skirt
Price: P745

Perfect Partners
Brand: Florsheim Kids
Model: Ballet Brown with Pink
I just love pink and brown, it makes one's skin lighter.

So many girls' apparel and accessories to choose from. If only I can purchase it all for my daughter I would. Maybe one at a time.

Now let's check on the 'for the boys' items on Zalora.

My son, like my daughter, always wear shirts so I think this would be a new look for him.

Brand: Gingersnaps
Model: Gingham Short Sleeves Polo
Price: P929.75

Brand: Gingersnaps
Price: P479.75

Every time I visit Zalora, I'm having mixed feelings; happiness because I really love to go on shopping and I'm sitting here doing the what-you-call 'window shopping', excited every time I see an item I like and I place it on my wishlist, hopeful that one day I will click that buy button and my wish will come true. 

How about you my dear readers? You might want to shop for your kids thingy, do it at Zalora,  one-day delivery, and you may also use this special discount code so you can have 5% less on all items.

all letters except last character which is zero

Z that fast, Z the convenience!
Shop now at ZALORA.com.ph

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