Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Dollar or Two can help her make it through- Updated 8/25

It's the first day of the month and I wanted to do something right and fruitful for someone that I love. I have mentioned her before in this article, she's my Auntie Letty, younger sister of my mother, who is suffering from breast cancer. Last year June 2011, she was diagnosed with Stage 3C Breast Cancer, and the whole family was very saddened and devastated with the bad news. My Aunt is a happy and strong person by nature, and if you see someone with that kind of personality, cried, you'll feel that something's not right and as if your whole world was turned upside down too. I cried too when I heard the news, and cried even more when I talked to her on the phone. It was not the usual set up when our family had a get together, sadness fills in, but hope also was present. She had undergone several chemotherapy sessions with the help from friends and family and strangers too. On the financial aspect, our family was not blessed with huge amount of monetary blessings, but because my Aunt was loved by many, friends and other relatives joined forces to gather funds and donate, even strangers did and that's why we're very thankful to those who have contributed and extended their hands to our dear Auntie, she was able to surpassed that ordeal, and so we thought. Last January 2012, her physician advised her that she no longer have to undergo the procedure and medicines because her body respond with the treatment well, and we were all so happy.

Unfortunately, not long a week ago, my Auntie got her result from the hospital, Rizal Medical Center, where she had her operation last July 13, extracting 2 cysts from her right breast. And there was this very bad news again. A recurrence of breast cancer. The result calls for immediate chemotherapy and also radiation therapy after that. Her physician/oncologist, Dra. Esteban, told her that the cancer cells were aggressive this time and an as-soon-as-possible chemo treatment must be done.  Her chemo medicine, Herceptin, is an expensive medicine, a vial cost around P40,000 plus (more or less $1000), and she'll be needing 3 vials on her first session. As of this moment, we don't know how gather that kind of amount in a week or two for her first schedule of chemo session. The treatment costs P124,000 ($3000) per session, every three weeks for one year. This is a very huge favor I'm going to ask you, my dear readers, please spread my story, so that people would know that my Auntie Letty needs their help. If this thing goes a long way, it's because of you. Hopefully we could gather funds to help Auntie Letty on her first chemo. I have placed a Donate button via Paypal, on my blog's sidebar. A dollar or two would be greatly appreciated, it is up to you how much you would like to donate, the more the better.

Update as of 8/25. Test results for liver and bones came out this week, both have been affected already. 
Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Additional medicines means additional expenses.
Haven't undergone 1st chemo session. 

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