Friday, August 3, 2012

Send & Receive Money through nTrust: Fast, Convenient & Free

All of you know how Paypal works and how it invaded the online community in buying and selling. But wait, it isn't just Paypal that's making a scene, there also nTrust. Yes, nTrust has a lot more to offer besides sending and receiving money. I have been through the process of applying for an nTrust account at, you'll see in my previous article the step by step procedure. I applied for a nTrust account last July 16th, completed my profile information and now I'm just waiting for my nTrust card to be delivered. Yeah, you got it right. That's one of the edge of nTrust to others, they have a personalized card which you can use on ATMs and can also be a cash/debit card powered by Mastercard, it just doesn't end on the web alone. How great is that? Oh, and there's more, sending and receiving money anytime, anywhere at nTrust is FREE.

This was taken at KFC- Harbor Point branch while these
youngsters are waiting for their order. If you want to 
avoid line-ups and long waiting time go to
(Smiling with growling tummy.)

The good thing with nTrust is that it's perfect for those who have relatives overseas. So, how to transfer money to the Philippines? They can remit money to the Philippines in an instant, just an email address would be enough, and even if the recipient is not an nTrust citizen, creating an account is as easy as 1-2-3. Recipient will be given an instruction how to receive the money sent from relatives or friends overseas, they can either get the money through wire transfer so that it will go directly to their bank account, or they can load it to their nTrust card to withdraw anywhere, anytime at their own convenience. Sending money to the Philippines will never be the same, thus better. 

Having nTrust as your partner in sending, receiving and withdrawal, you will never have sleepless nights because they are protected with bank level encryption so your money is safe. Waiting time is over, no need to line-up, nTrust is here already. You can spend more time with your family, friends, watch the movies, shop for your fave on-line store, no hassles and very convenient for you... that's nTrust


OH, wait, I already got my nTrust card just now (8/17)

You have to watch this nTrust Tutorial for more details:

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