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Tips in Joining and Winning an On-line Contest/Giveaway

As many of you, my beloved readers, know how addicted I am in joining contests and giveaway, may it be on Facebook or Twitter or in the blogosphere.

I may have win some and lose some (just my time and chances) but there are things that I learned in every giveaway/contest that I have entered to.

Some contests use a platform for their entries, such as Rafflecopter or Giveaway Tools or just simply give you instructions.

Giveaway Tools sample

This is how Rafflecopter form looks
(taken from my recent giveaway post Wayman Publishing)

I have learned that if you are given specific instructions, you have to do it in detail. Once you were picked up as a winner, all your entries will be scrutinized by the host/sponsor of the contest. If you have failed on one bit detail, your chances are over.

For example: Rafflecopter form said that you must share this on your Facebook wall and you have to tag the host or sponsor and the blog's page, but to your excitement, you forgot to tag them. You lost an entry already.

Another one is, if you are to put the url/link of your Facebook share or Tweet, you must place it on the space provided. In getting the url of your FB share, click on the time of your post and it will redirect you to the link of the whole share info. In getting the url of your Tweet, click on the expand/details button. Make sure that you place the correct URL in the designated location.

I have learned that if you Liked all Facebook pages and followed Twitter accounts, you will gain more entries, as this is mostly the tasks you have to do. Some have host pages for FB likes, which would be easier for the entrants because they are grouped per batch, you may not finish it today you can still do it tomorrow starting on the next batch of likes. Some give 25points for every batch.

I have learned that if there is a daily task like Share on Facebook and Twitter, do it deliberately. This will also give more entries and be ahead of others. If the giveaway ends your entries will be on the lead and you are more likely to win it. I can say that because I already hosted giveaways and that is the first thing I look for in the list of entries, the highest scorer. If it will be chosen by the random.org operated Rafflecopter, I will automatically checked each entry and if there is no problem, I will announce it as a winner.

For starters and non-bloggers who are also into contests, here are some tasks which you may be confused and don't know how'd you do it.

  • Follow via GFC - this means that you have to be a Follower of that particular blog link in the form and look for the JOIN MY SITE (blue button) on the sidebar. GFC means Google Friend Connect. Choose publicly and click on the Follow This Blog.
  • Subscribe to Email - Again you will be given a blog link and look for the Subscribe portion on the sidebar of the blog and put your email address. This is similar also to Follow my Email. To finalize your subscription, an email will be sent to you for confirmation.
  • RSS Feed - this means Really Simple Syndication where you will receive live feeds from blog post, real time. Usually this button can be seen on the uppermost part or lowest part of the blog depending on the layout design.
Once you clicked on the RSS button, here's what appears next. 
Input email address.
  • Blog/Write About the Giveaway - if you are a non-blogger, this is like sharing the contest on Facebook and Twitter only you used your own words, don't forget to place the giveaway URL/link so  anyone who clicks it will be re-directed to the contest
  • Leave a blog comment - Some comment forms require you to sign in using your Google or email account to be recognized. Never use your fan page on this and never use Anonymous as commenter.
The following are tasks which you must have an account on: (mostly essential for Bloggers)
  • Pinterest - Pin it or Follow all - keeps
  • Bloglovin
  • Klout - give Klout on topics or just Add as Influencer and share it on Twitter/Facebook
  • Alexa - comments/review on your website
  • I may have skipped/forget something, I will list it here once remembered
Some simple tasks on the form:
  • Leave a comment on the fan page wall. For some, you just have to copy/paste it, but mostly use your own words.
  • Never leave blank the Twitter name with @ sign and your Facebook name. Always fill up what's been asked
  • Leave a comment on the blog. There is an instruction on what kind of comment to put on the form.
  • On Facebook, Like-Share-Tag. If you see someone shared a photo, liking means the fan page itself not the photo posted by your friend, it wouldn't count as an entry. Be a fan first of the Sponsor page and look for the photo to be shared and then tag friends by using @ sign.
  • Be particular on the demographic of the giveaway, if it says contest is just for US/Canada residents only and you're not residing there, please do not attempt to join. You're just wasting your time. Look for Worldwide or International.

Oh, before I forget this, a very important reminder for you my dear readers. Make sure to keep in mind what contest/giveaway you entered to and when it will end. If you have joined more than 3 contests especially on Facebook and Twitter, I suggest you take notes of it and visit the site/account later on. There were fan pages that gives no notification to the winner and you have to find out for yourself if you won something. Good thing if friends discovered it and tagged you,. What if you never knew you've won an item and there's a certain time limit to respond to the fan page? I have experienced that when I was browsing and just thought of searching for my name on Google. I found 3 Facebook contests in which I won but never had any notifications (email/tagging/pm) from, and there's one from Plains and Prints that I was tagged but didn't reach my wall notif.

Pizza Hut 
Hot on the Dot contest last  September 2011

Race Kit for the Quezon City International Marathon last December 2011

Northern Living Magazine last April 2012

Plains and Prints last July 2012

I wonder why I never received a notification on this, clearly I was tagged. 
Not their fault, probably mine or Facebook's LOL
This is a fashion event I may have attended.

So that's all for now. I hope you have learned and enjoyed reading this. Good luck on your next contest and please let me know if you have won. Should you have questions regarding this just shoot me an email. Check  this article for updates as I may have not included or forgotten some information, I will just add up here.

Currently waiting for my Prizes from:

Certified Foodies - One Family Pack of Reeses' Miniature (Guilty Pleasures Contest)
Favordeal Jewelry - Vintage Yellow Bib Necklace (Facebook Like and Share Contest)

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