Saturday, August 4, 2012

ZFiles: Zalora Rock 'n Roll Fashion

Recently held at the Midas Hotel was a mini concert by Filipino Pop R&B singer Nina, famous for songs Jealous and Someday (because I love those two). Well it was sponsored by no other than my favorite fashion online store ZALORA. I actually won 2 tickets to the concert worth P2,500 each but unfortunately I am unable to attend the event so I transferred the pleasure of watching Nina to my bff Luchie and her friend Gheli to claim the tickets.

oops there's my name..

To sum it up they both enjoyed watching and listening to her angelic voice. Luchie gave me the Zalora gift vouchers and I was very happy of course, so many things to purchase so little budget. (",)

As I've mentioned before, Zalora has everything even something for musicians, from the sweetest attire to the Rockstar fab. Just like what I've said on my winning entry for the Nina concert, Fashion and Music goes hand in hand, it's like twins you can never separate from each other. Once a musician sings, fans imitate their voices and memorizes the lyrics as well as imitating how they look and dress, now enters Fashion. 

Listen to the tune of Fashion.

No need to go out and search at the mall, it's just a click away: Leather pants, pointy-heeled shoes of different colors, retro tops even corsets , yeah, musicians wore that. Here are other music-related fashion.

Brand: IndigoBaby
Model: Boncho-Funky Music
Right for the 80's look, retro music peeps will definitely put this on top of neon-colored leggings
Price: P799

Brand: Jean & Rosz
Tassel Earrings
These tassel earrings can be for the retro-pop lovers but absolutely not to be paired with the Boncho.
Price: P350

Brand: Moonshine
Model: LJ Jacket
This puff-sleeve Moonshine Rust LJ Jacket made of faux leather
would look great on Rockers but with a soft side (",)
I say this is Rockin' Sexy.
Price: P3,275

Brand: Moonshine
Model: Lick High Waisted Pants
This is the one worn by the model Rocker on the topmost photo.
Price: P2,175

Brand: Twinky
Model code: 80700019
Such gorgeous boots would easily catch one's attention.
Price: 1,898

I just realized these are all for the ladies. (",) Next time watch out for the 'Rockista' men's outfit. 

Zalora is your one-stop shop fashion store plus everything in it. Shop now. You can never go out of tune with

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