Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ZFiles: Zalora Space Promo

This article will just be a speedy fast article. That's because this promo from might not be up forever.
This treat is from Space.

Buy 2 Get a Free Space Fragrance

Got some personal choices that you might like too, so you won't be browsing off your time, before you know it, the promo ended already.

Price: P1,695
For the curvy me (meaning with bulges), this type of dress I can wear confidently, not too tight and not too long plus the v-neckline which is my favorite.

Price: PP1,195
I'm in for dresses now, I love Space collection, if not for Zalora I wouldn't be able
to get a glance of their fab items. This one has a gartered waist and a flowery accent ribbon
on the shoulder, outfit best with stilettos especially if for a cocktail party.

Whoops, there are two items already and you'll be able to get a Free Space Fragrance, but I'm still in for more Space apparel, wait here.

Price: P895
You know me, my dear readers.(",) Enough said. This is perfect for the sunny days ahead even if some
drizzles come our way there's still light coming out, soon.

Price: P795
Perfectly paired with my Darcy printed shorts.

Well, that's really fast. Hurry now, promo to avail a Free Space Fragrance ends on August 31, 2012.

You can use my special discount code upon checkout.

Happy Shopping!

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