Saturday, August 11, 2012

ZFiles: Zalora's Fashion Fights the Flood Fundraiser

With all of the bad things that happened these past few days, still Filipinos are the best when it comes to fundraising projects. They would find ways on how to help those in need, those that were affected by the calamity giving them basic necessities such as food or cash and anything that's worth donating.

This time, the No. 1 Fashion online store Zalora, will be having a fundraising project this coming August 15, 2012 at the Sky Lounge. The special celebrity guest who will be there together with the Zalora Management and staff, Brand Ambassadors and volunteers as well, is no other than Bayo celebrity endorser KC Concepcion. She will donate her valuable items such as clothes and others for sale to the public and proceeds will go to the victims of the flood. The Zalora Brand Ambassadors are also welcome to bring their pre-loved items to add-up for the fundraising project.

Thanks to Zalora and KC Concepcion in advance. You guys are awesome!

P.S. I'm currently at the Medical City for the 4th day. My son was confined due to on and off high fever. My husband and daughter also are here with us and we took the private room so that all of us can stay here and be safe. We were rescued at around 10:30PM an the height of the Ortigas Avenue flooding by a boat in front of our village through the help of  the Barangay Rosario Head Captain  and staff, also with the help of Barangay Valenzuela Makati Rescue Team, an ambulance transported us from C.Raymundo to the Medical City.

I wanted to thank the following for their help.:

Barangay Captain Kaye dela Cruz and Barangay Staff and volunteers who guarded the boat while soaring the current along Ortigas Avenue;
My cousin Jay-J Bacod of the Barangay Valenzuela Rescue Team together with his team mates;
my mother Josephine Castro who also came with the rescue and also to those who prayed for us to be safe.

My beloved readers who wish to donate their pre-loved items for Zalora's fundraising project just email me at or leave a comment and I will give you Zalora organizer's contact details or whatever information you wish to know.

Below are the links for easy Cash Donation:, one-click donation
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