Saturday, September 29, 2012

Zalora Files: Wanted Flawless Skin

Currently having  a hard time with my skin. I think I am old enough for pimples but hey, they kept on coming out. It's a depressing feeling when I look at the mirror and see a matured looking person with clear signs of aging.

As I was browsing, I found some beauty care products which is on my wishlist now and would be trying it soon. I hope for the best, meaning flawless skin LOL

Here are my picks for the day, under Skin Care

Brand: 4U2 Cosmetics
Moisturizing Toner for Young Skin
After washing face with water and cleansing soap, this comes next.
It helps controls oil and maintains a youthful skin. The natural extracts
provide a clearer, brighter and refreshed complexion.

Brand: V&M Naturals
Depuff and Illume Eye Gel 20g
Soothing to the eyes as it has a cooling effect. Safe and effective use for
dark circles and puffiness around the eye area. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles as well.
Made from natural blend of rosehip oil, emu oil, retinol,collagen and aloe vera.
Defy skin-aging and experience a youthful glow once more. 

Brand: Bare Naturals
Honey pie Oatmeal Bar Soap 100g
Made from natural extracts, herbs and oil. Prevents pimples, lightens scars, 
smoothen wrinkles, moisturizes and softens skin. This is perfect for my skin type and everything
I ever wanted to achieve for my skin is in one soap.

Brand: Black Chicken
Black Chicken Remedies Duo Pack
Love Your Body Oil and Love Your Face Serum are perfect solution
for very dry skin of your body and face. It is a combination of 12 oils that soothes
and gives relief for dry skin. It penetrates and works effectively providing
a smooth and moisturized skin. I would like to use this for my feet because of cracked soles. 

At Zalora, you'll have peace of mind when it comes to the quality of their products and their shipping will be as early as within 24 hours. If you have something on your wishlist and decided to purchase, don't forget this special discount just for you. You can use this discount for at least P500 purchase.

Special Voucher Code
If you already used up your FREE P250 discount, just shoot me an email and
I'll give you another coupon for P150 discount on P500 purchases.

Oops, before I forget here's my
for the day

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Idol Top 100 Countdown - Korea

This countdown depicts who's the most popular singer in Korea. tvN 360 channel gathered the votes, where 70% comes from the internet and 30% from phone voting. I have witnessed their Top 100 down to 15, but I will just enumerate the Top 14 famous K-Pop singers. This was aired yesterday evening. Without further ado here is your Idol Top 14 Countdown:

No. 14 - T.O.P. of Bigbang
The 'great kisser' as they say
photo taken from

No. 13 - Sohee of Wonder Girls
Famous for her poker face and dumpling cheeks
photo taken from

No. 12 - Jo Kwon of 2AM
Famous one with great abs and admittedly has a feminine side
photo taken from

No. 11 - Kim Hyoyeon of SNSD
This is the part that I've been waiting for. Girls' Generation entry started here
and the group consists of 9 members, they all got the top spots. So happy(",)
photo taken from

No. 10 - Leeteuk of Super Junior
photo taken from

No. 9 - Sunny of SNSD
Isn't she cute!
photo taken from

No. 8 SooYoung of SNSD
Yes, she's the one! I want a gorgeous face like hers LOL
photo taken from

No. 7 - Jessica of SNSD
She really is prettier here.
photo taken from

No. 6 - Seohyun of SNSD
She became more popular when she starred in reality tv show
'We Got Married' with the hunk Yonghwa. How I wish they're still together.
photo taken from

No. 5 - IU
Actually I have no idea what K-Pop group she belongs or she's just alone
like BoA, but then she is popular in Korea and really cute.
photo taken from

No. 4 - Yuri of SNSD
She is famous because of her tiny waistline, great dancing 
and appeal to mostly middle-aged men(",)

No. 3 - Tiffany of SNSD
Such angelic face!
photo taken from

No. 2 - Taeyeon of SNSD
She is the tiny leader of the group.
photo taken from

And now the much awaited Korea's Idol Top No. 1 which some of you would know already if you like Girls' Generation, she's the one that has not been mentioned yet. So here is Top 1 Idol Countdown....

No. 1 - Yoona
She is indeed the most voted K-Pop Idol. She starred in a latest Koreanovela 'Love Rain' 
that's been getting lots of attention even outside Korea. She also appeared in the reality shows like Family Outing, Invincible Youth and the latest LG Smart TV commercial. 
photo taken from

You don't know how happy I am now telling you guys that my fave K-Pop group made it all to the Top.
Till then, more of Korea's. Hmmm... maybe next is about foodie. I'll try to visit first Sariwon Restaurant.

Annyeong! Bye!

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Get Your FREE Herbal Essences Shampoo

Honey, I'm Strong Shampoo or Conditioner will be yours for free if you send a Honey Gram to your friends. Just like Herbal Essences Facebook page and proceed to this link for details.

Free Herbal Essence Honey, I'm Strong Shampoo

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Get Your FREE Sephora Make-up Bag

I know you will love this Sephora beauty products, and you can get it NOW for FREE.  Starting September 28 to 30, 2012, SEPHORA selected branches will have a SKINCARE IQ Event. This event will give you answers regarding your beauty concerns.

Be the first to receive a FREE Limited Make-up bag filled with deluxe skin care samples. 
Click here for more details.

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Get a Free James Bond 007 Fragrance

Marking James Bond 007's 50th Anniversary, launches its new James Bond 007 perfume that was tagged by GQ Magazine as The Most Dangerously Sophisticated Fragrance in the World. I can now imagine how women would go loco just smelling a hint of this new perfume.

Anyone? Claim your FREE SAMPLE of James Bond 007 now.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hello Fall $1000 Cash Giveaway

This one would definitely go up...way, way, up.

Jenn's Blah Blah Blog and Happy Home & Family together with some amazing bloggers, give you another awesome giveaway you wouldn't want to miss. Probably all bloggers will join this great cash giveaway. And for my dear readers who are non-bloggers, start earning entries and you can go back anytime if you weren't able to finish all 436 entries today. 

So without any more talkies.. go straight to this LINK and enter now for a chance to win $1000 CASH. Open Worldwide.


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Everything You Need to Know About Your Website

Do you want your blog or website to be on the list of Top ranking sites like that of Google, Yahoo and Bing? Do you want some improvement on your site? What keywords to use so you'll get most traffic?

Every bit of your concern regarding your website can be accessed in just one great product, I discovered a few days ago. Let me introduce you to SEO Profiler

So what is SEO Profiler and what can they offer you?

SEO Profiler is a product of the famous Axandra GmbH, developer of the first website promotion tool for Apple Macintosh computers, pay per click optimization software and the most popular SEO software tool IBusiness Promoter. SEO Profiler offers advance intelligence tools, tools for high quality backlink building, tools for detailed keyword research, and web page optimization tools that can make your site or online business on the Top 10 ranking list.

You get MORE and BETTER backlinks

It is a perfect internet marketing software for business owners because not only they have great unlimited offers, they also provide online training so you'll get the most updated information on how to enhance and make your business an up-boost in the industry. Making your website on higher rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Oh, I mentioned Unlimited right?

Here are the list of unlimited tools you can access from SEO Profiler:

keyword search
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Competitive Inteligence
Google Adwords
Website submission

SEO Profiler: The All-in-One SEO Software Solution

Visit now for a free trial and check your website and keyword list rankings. Unlock all tools for $1 - September 2012 promo.

When Expecting the Best, you should only Choose the Best -  SEO Profiler

Disclaimer: SEO Profile is a part of my affiliation program. I am currently using a free trial version. 

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Monday, September 24, 2012

$50,000 To The Most Powerful Mobile Influencer Giveaway c/o NuffnangX

This just in!

I am about to sleep because my kids just took theirs. I really have to open my email before and after nap time. Well I guess NuffnangX really got my attention and kept me wide, wide, wide awake.

It's a $50,000 prize at stake! Who would sleep with that? Of course, I am a competitive type of person and an opportunity like this should not be ignored. I know my awesome readers are aware that I have an advocacy for my Auntie Letty. This is the moment I can create money out of my blog. And mind you, I will give my Auntie my prize for this giveaway, in case I won. So please bear with me.

Here's what I would like to request to you my dear, amazing and great readers.... a brief introduction on this mobile application which later will reveal what objective there is on this giveaway.

NuffnangX is a mobile application to search, follow your favorite blogs and even chat with bloggers and readers too. This is available on android phones or an Apple iPhone series for that matter. How many of my readers have an android phone? How I wish I could all send you each a request to follow my blog on Nuffnangx (",) Yes, that's it, just that! Aha!

This contest is for the most influential blogger in the blogosphere, having a great number of followers on mobile phone users. These are the prizes at stake:

A total of 151 blogger winners will be declared in different categories such as Influential bloggers, Alpha Bloggers and the First Superblogger of NuffnangX.

I loved it!.

So here it is, I am personally requesting that you follow my blog - whazz bloggin you and me - on NuffnangX mobile app. Pretty please! (",) my bloggin without g, just a reminder if you search for it. Please, please do follow me. Thank you so much in advance. 

This NuffnangX $50,000 giveaway will end on October 24, 2012. Winners will automatically receive a wire transfer to their personal bank account without providing proof or any questions from NuffnangX, as they are closely monitoring all followers of each and every blog registered at NuffnangX.

Should you have questions or problems in downloading the NuffnangX app please email or leave a comment here. I will be glad to assist you. (csr type LOL)

Thanks for your time and for following my blog on your mobile phone. Would you let me know if you follow my blog? Please comment here so I can give my personal thanks to you. This would be a big help on my Aunt's medication. Help me win this great giveaway. Share this post to your friends too. (",)

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In Need of a Detective or an Investigator?

There comes a time in our lives that we encounter people in the past whom we have not seen for years and wanted to know his/her whereabouts or retrieve details about him. We search for it on Google or Yahoo but it is not enough. With Inteligator, every little detail you want to know about a person or entity will be provided to you in full. It is an online detective system, investigating on people, activities and whatsoever you wish to look for.

Inteligator offers a lot of unlimited listings you wish to retrieve or find. Examples are background research, criminal records, inmate records, address history, phone investigation, marital status, and even the subject's  relatives and associates can be determined.

No need to go to their office because it's an online thing, you can avail of anything you wish to investigate anytime and anywhere. It will always be available when you needed it.

Inteligator, at your service!

Click Here! to know more about Inteligator.

Disclaimer: The author of this website is not in any way related to or connected with Inteligator. This is part of whazz bloggin you and me affiliate program. Any legal information about investigation or anything related to it, you may check their site above.

Thank you.

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ROMWE Lookbook Fashion Daily Giveaway

Who wants to party? We've got lots of giveaway this upcoming holiday season and ROMWE will start it right.

Everyday until October 4, 2012, ROMWE Lookbook Fashion Facebook fan page will raffle off FIVE Party Queen Dresses. Simple tasks will be asked to get more entries. Just LIKE-SHARE-INVITE. This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE.

For details please like their fan page here

Got 11 entries already


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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Golden Records:The Magic Continues Giveaway Winner

This giveaway may not be as successful as it's expected to be, yet, a big thanks to those who joined and now I'll be announcing the winner of ONE cd-album Golden Records:The Magic Continues Celebrity Series Volume 1.

 Click here to find out.

I'll be having another Golden Records cd giveway next month. I hope you could join too.

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Free Blogger Opportunity: Have it your Way Giveaway! $200 Fall Event

  Jenn's Blah Blah Blog, Diva Fabulosa and Simply Shawn & Jenn are bringing you an awesome FREE Blogger Opportunity! They will be giving away $200, in their Have it your way event! How will this work? Whatever the winner wants, the winner will get! Kindle Fire, PayPal Cash, Amazing, Wal-Mart, Target! Who cares, they get just what they want! Blogger get FREE Facebook link with the option to purchase additional links! Jenn's Blah Blah Blog had a giveaway just like this called the Sizzling Summer Giveaway that was fabulous, so were going to bring it back over and over and over again! This time Simply Shawn & Jenn has decided to join in the fun to celebrate reaching over 10K fans! About the event
  • Prize: Whatever you want up to $200 (shipping included) Do you want a Kindle Fire? Maybe an iPod, hummm maybe gift card to Target, oh wait Paypal cash? We don't care we want you to have it your way! So let the games begin, and let's have some fun with this one!
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You can sign up for this event, HERE

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pregnancy Miracle and Parenting Books Now Available

I would like to share some of the books that would help in family building and parenting.

PREGNANCY MIRACLE: Holistic & Ancient Chinese System for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Children

This book will help YOU or someone you love who is struggling to get pregnant. It teaches you to get pregnant quickly and naturally within 2 months. To know more about this awesome book and how to buy it online Click Here!

PERSONAL PATH TO PREGNANCY: Avoid the 7 Common Mistakes and Get Pregnant Faster
Discusses the no.1 mistake almost everyone does when trying to get pregnant; the popular vitamins you shouldn't take which can lower your chances of getting pregnant, things you should never do when trying for quick-result pregnancy and many more. Get your Free Lesson today   Click Here!

This will guide you step by step towards choosing your baby's gender before conception.
Click Here!

On Parenting Aspect

This will help your child learn to read fast and fluent way. Click Here!

TALKING TO TODDLERS: Dealing with the Terrible Twos and Beyond
This book aims to help in dealing with behavioral problems. Click Here!

If you wish for more topics on digital books, please let me know by sending email or just leave a comment below. I will be more willing to help you find what you're looking for with topics related to Parenting and Child care. Thanks for your time reading this.


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Let's Move & Let's Love

One act of Pure Love can create a magnificent masterpiece in a person that is unbreakable. -chaicgalapon

It's just random thought that came out, and I'm glad I had it in me. I have love. A very common word but bigger and wider in scope. It can be a love for your spouse/partner, your child, your parents, your siblings, relatives and your friend. Can you give love to a stranger? Yes, by doing things for them such as an advocacy or a charitable work.

Since my Aunt had this cancer illness, I made myself committed in helping her. I may not give her huge financial support but through my blog I know I can make extra income even in small amounts. My Paypal account which I used in my online business and online purchases was changed to but still under my name and all donations extended through my account were given to my Auntie Letty. I gave her my ATM card and of course my pin.
I have joined many affiliations, referral programs and even paid surveys.

 I created a Donate button on my sidebar so that people with more blessings and kind heart could share some to help her.  All of the earnings from these programs will directly go to Paypal account. I am informing my Auntie every time a withdrawal from account has been made. Since I posted it almost 2 months ago, I was able to get donations amounting to almost $300. I am very thankful that people would still trust an advocacy like this. I will still continue helping her as long I can write articles, answer surveys, join contest with monetary gains and everything that can help me help her.

I wish I can do more for her, to extend her life with the help of medicines and herbal supplements,  also with prayers. Thinking positive in every aspect gives us hope that someday a miracle will happen and everything will all be fine.

If one can really make a difference in someone's life then it's time... Let's Move, Let's Love

United Colors of Benetton 
                                                                   Fragrance for Men

United Colors of Benetton
Fragrance for Women

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Mothercare Philippines at Bonifacio High Street

Once in a month Mothercare Philippines celebrates Baby & Me Club. It's an event for expectant  and first time moms.

Mothercare Philippines is one of the 300 branches around the world catering 
to the needs of moms and babies. A UK-based company dedicated in providing products and information on pregnancy related concerns as well as child awareness. Mothercare is not only for women and children but for dads too.

Sponsors of the Event

Early Learning Center
 (watch out for my next article on this)

Philips Avent
The best in quality baby products.

New Beginnings
Introduced Frisomum as the first milk for pregnant and lactating
women with prebioitics and probiotics for a healthy digestive system.

Sweet Baby Diaper
Quality and affordable diaper for your kiddos

 As I've mentioned before Mothercare Philippines offer products essential for babies from 0-8 years old, pregnant women and lactating moms also. The branch that I have already visited is located at Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City.
Browse down so you'll see and have an idea what to buy when you visit one of their branches soon.

Bibs, jumpsuits, socks, diaper cloth (lampin),
 receiving blanket, beanie

t-shirts, shorts, underwear, socks and jeans

dress, shirts, shorts, skirts, underwear, 
and blouses

socks and shoes for infant

Parakito mosquito repellant products

preggy mom essentials- nursing bra, loose and comfortable shirts,
nursing pads, underwear, belly support, fashionable blouses like these

Mothercare is not how it looks when you peek from the outside. Once you enter their store, you'll be surprised how big it is. They also have these items if you walk further inside:

feeding essentials

Medela products

Tommee Tippee products

Philips Avent products

for toddlers , sippy cups,spoon and fork, plates

potty train chairs

cribs with diaper changer station

 high chair, strollers and walker also

crib mats , mini tent, bath tubs

first must-have necessities- thermometer, nail clipper,
toothbrush with soft bristles, safety pins, 
medicine dispenser etc.

Their function area is getting smaller every time there's a Baby & Me event.
More and more Moms and Dads are now aware of this much-awaited affair. For more details on events at Mothercare, like their Facebook fan page.

Kindermusik Philippines started the event with a lively activity.
Every event they have raffles prizes, giveaway  and foodies too.

Healthy and delicious food from The Sexy Chef
(Pasta Bolognese, Chicken Barbeque and Bread Roll)

The Sexy Chef
Stir Fried Hongkong Noodles, Korean Beef Barbeque and bread roll

Mothercare is your one-stop shop for your little kiddos things. If you're expecting soon, better drop-by at the nearest Mothercare branch  and you will never miss anything you'll be needing when delivery time comes. Everything in your list is at Mothercare.

Other branches at: Greenbelt, Shangri-La Plaza, Trinoma, Abreeza Mall Davao, SM Masinag and Robinsons Galleria

Baby & Me Event: Breastfeeding Basics
September 22, 2012  at BHS
(Registration is now open) First 50 only.  REGISTER HERE

Baby & Me Event: Pregnancy and Childbearing Tips
September 29, 2012 at BHS
First 100 registrants only

Be a fan of Mothercare Philippines on Fabebook.
Visit their website  here for more information.

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