Monday, September 24, 2012

$50,000 To The Most Powerful Mobile Influencer Giveaway c/o NuffnangX

This just in!

I am about to sleep because my kids just took theirs. I really have to open my email before and after nap time. Well I guess NuffnangX really got my attention and kept me wide, wide, wide awake.

It's a $50,000 prize at stake! Who would sleep with that? Of course, I am a competitive type of person and an opportunity like this should not be ignored. I know my awesome readers are aware that I have an advocacy for my Auntie Letty. This is the moment I can create money out of my blog. And mind you, I will give my Auntie my prize for this giveaway, in case I won. So please bear with me.

Here's what I would like to request to you my dear, amazing and great readers.... a brief introduction on this mobile application which later will reveal what objective there is on this giveaway.

NuffnangX is a mobile application to search, follow your favorite blogs and even chat with bloggers and readers too. This is available on android phones or an Apple iPhone series for that matter. How many of my readers have an android phone? How I wish I could all send you each a request to follow my blog on Nuffnangx (",) Yes, that's it, just that! Aha!

This contest is for the most influential blogger in the blogosphere, having a great number of followers on mobile phone users. These are the prizes at stake:

A total of 151 blogger winners will be declared in different categories such as Influential bloggers, Alpha Bloggers and the First Superblogger of NuffnangX.

I loved it!.

So here it is, I am personally requesting that you follow my blog - whazz bloggin you and me - on NuffnangX mobile app. Pretty please! (",) my bloggin without g, just a reminder if you search for it. Please, please do follow me. Thank you so much in advance. 

This NuffnangX $50,000 giveaway will end on October 24, 2012. Winners will automatically receive a wire transfer to their personal bank account without providing proof or any questions from NuffnangX, as they are closely monitoring all followers of each and every blog registered at NuffnangX.

Should you have questions or problems in downloading the NuffnangX app please email or leave a comment here. I will be glad to assist you. (csr type LOL)

Thanks for your time and for following my blog on your mobile phone. Would you let me know if you follow my blog? Please comment here so I can give my personal thanks to you. This would be a big help on my Aunt's medication. Help me win this great giveaway. Share this post to your friends too. (",)

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