Thursday, September 27, 2012

Idol Top 100 Countdown - Korea

This countdown depicts who's the most popular singer in Korea. tvN 360 channel gathered the votes, where 70% comes from the internet and 30% from phone voting. I have witnessed their Top 100 down to 15, but I will just enumerate the Top 14 famous K-Pop singers. This was aired yesterday evening. Without further ado here is your Idol Top 14 Countdown:

No. 14 - T.O.P. of Bigbang
The 'great kisser' as they say
photo taken from

No. 13 - Sohee of Wonder Girls
Famous for her poker face and dumpling cheeks
photo taken from

No. 12 - Jo Kwon of 2AM
Famous one with great abs and admittedly has a feminine side
photo taken from

No. 11 - Kim Hyoyeon of SNSD
This is the part that I've been waiting for. Girls' Generation entry started here
and the group consists of 9 members, they all got the top spots. So happy(",)
photo taken from

No. 10 - Leeteuk of Super Junior
photo taken from

No. 9 - Sunny of SNSD
Isn't she cute!
photo taken from

No. 8 SooYoung of SNSD
Yes, she's the one! I want a gorgeous face like hers LOL
photo taken from

No. 7 - Jessica of SNSD
She really is prettier here.
photo taken from

No. 6 - Seohyun of SNSD
She became more popular when she starred in reality tv show
'We Got Married' with the hunk Yonghwa. How I wish they're still together.
photo taken from

No. 5 - IU
Actually I have no idea what K-Pop group she belongs or she's just alone
like BoA, but then she is popular in Korea and really cute.
photo taken from

No. 4 - Yuri of SNSD
She is famous because of her tiny waistline, great dancing 
and appeal to mostly middle-aged men(",)

No. 3 - Tiffany of SNSD
Such angelic face!
photo taken from

No. 2 - Taeyeon of SNSD
She is the tiny leader of the group.
photo taken from

And now the much awaited Korea's Idol Top No. 1 which some of you would know already if you like Girls' Generation, she's the one that has not been mentioned yet. So here is Top 1 Idol Countdown....

No. 1 - Yoona
She is indeed the most voted K-Pop Idol. She starred in a latest Koreanovela 'Love Rain' 
that's been getting lots of attention even outside Korea. She also appeared in the reality shows like Family Outing, Invincible Youth and the latest LG Smart TV commercial. 
photo taken from

You don't know how happy I am now telling you guys that my fave K-Pop group made it all to the Top.
Till then, more of Korea's. Hmmm... maybe next is about foodie. I'll try to visit first Sariwon Restaurant.

Annyeong! Bye!

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