Friday, October 26, 2012

Early Learning Centre has MORE to OFFER for Your Kids

If I were a child now, I would go crazy with all the new toys and other fun stuff I saw at Early Learning Centre branch at Bonifacio High Street. Most of their products you won't see anywhere in the country because they all came from UK. Most ELC brands. Just by the looks of it you'll know it is of high quality and not just goody toys but educational as well.

Early Learning Centre  is one of UK's biggest toy shops carrying top toy brands like Lego, Fisher Price, LeapFrog, Disney Princess, Playmobil and more.

You'll see these great selection on outdoor toys, action figures and playsets, also includes the famous Ben10 characters.

Early Learning Centre goes hand in hand with Mothercare Philippines, check my previous article here. Both focuses on child needs and wants, but on a different perspective. Mothercare is more on child's essentials and wellness while ELC is more of the child's amusement and learning-enhancement
ELC Arts and Crafts

ELC Learning section

Let your kids explore their musician-side

Little boys would go loco staring at these
action toys and also this adventure section 

even your tiny little ones get the most on ELC
to play with, to cuddle, to get to sleep and mostly be happy

 Let's Play Pretend
Girls will never leave this section because of the
dolls and playhouses they're longing for.

Fun-filled activity games even for the whole family to play with
This would help your child go social and enhance their creativity and intellect.

There are a lot of essential products ELC has to offer for your kiddos and for sure you'll tagged ELC as one of your -so much more than a toy shop- recommendations.

Early Learning Centre just opened their 2nd branch at Level 3, Greenbelt 5 Makati City.
Bring your kids and drop by, you'll see all-smiles on their face once they entered ELC shop.

Oh, I almost forgot, ELC also has something for your kids this coming Halloween Trick or Treat events

Disney Princess

Pirate, Doctor, Fireman and Police costumes

Happy Halloween Shopping!

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