Thursday, October 4, 2012

For Your Kids Only at One Kings Lane

On October 4th, One Kings Lane  has dedicated this whole day only for your little ones

Shop at One Kings Lane for children's must-have items in all categories, for all ages - furniture, art, rugs, toys and everything in between. 

All Stock up on items they need now or stash some away for great holiday gifts! If you haven't registered at One Kings Lane, sign up today for a $15 credit for purchases of $30 or more. Head over to One Kings Lane now before these deals are over! 

Below are great finds your kids will love:

Kids always pretend they're in a restaurant cooking for their customers (us).
These cutely designed cookie cutters, small bowls are child-friendly tools. One Kings Lane also has cookbooks, stylish aprons that would tickle the budding chef in your kid you too. 

Little girls love playing in the rain if fate permits them to. Let them have this for
protection and just let them play all day with it (",)

Child's learning, discovery and having fun starts with playtime. Let them explore their 
imagination with toys, games, books and more at One Kings Lane.

There's a $15 credit waiting for you when you sign up now

For sure your kids will hug and kiss you more once they receive these gifts from you (",)

Happy Shopping!

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