Saturday, October 20, 2012

Free Blogger Event- Spooky Halloween Hits from Golden Records

FLASH Giveaway! FLASH Giveaway!

This will be my first time to host a Super Fast Flash Giveaway. In time for Halloween, this should be a great event for all of us, especially for your kids. 

Golden Records sent me full digital copy of their recently released Spooky Halloween Hits which I wrote a review a few days ago. My kids and I did enjoy the whole album and still repeating it over and over again.

This giveaway will be for US residents only. It will go live on October 23,2012. Winner will be announced the following day.

Announcing this Free Blogger Event will entitle you to TWO FREE LINKS (Facebook and Twitter) Yes, my giveaway to you my dear fellow blogger for helping me spread Golden Records newest album.

A Special Prize for the Blogger with the most entries will be revealed after this flash giveaway. First 20 bloggers only. Click here to enter.

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