Friday, October 5, 2012

Samsung Makes BIGBANG ALIVE!

One of the famous K-Pop singing group BIGBANG will be having a concert here! You may have read my article on one of the members having one of the top spots on Idol Top 100 Countdown-Korea  It is great news for me and you also, if you like K-Pop. Their concert will be on October 24, 2012 at SM MOA Arena. Can't wait! Samsung Galaxy will sponsor this upcoming concert and they are having contest with Nuffnang Philippines for all nuffnangers for  chance to win 2 Rehearsal Tickets and BigBang Back Samsung Galaxy back cover.

Well then. While waiting for them to come here in the Philippines. Let me compare first each of Bigbang members to Samsung Galaxy S3 colors.

There are now 7 colors of the famous Galaxy S3 and each has a unique personality we can compare to T.O.P., G-Dragon, Tae Yang, Dae Sung and Seung Ri.

from l to r: G-Dragon , Seungri, TaeYang, Daesung and T.O.P
photo taken from

I'll start with T.O.P known to have kissed famous celebrities like Lee Hyori, a former member of a Fin.K.L., a great singer and good dancer. I think T.O.P. resembles the Garnet Red, obviously for love and romance.

If I were to own a Galaxy S3 I would love to have Pebble Blue, blue is my favorite color. For my fave Bigbang member TaeYang, I tagged him Pebble Blue of course.

For Daesung, who has cheated death from his car accident last year, I give him the Marble White color. Unbreakable.

Seungri, on the otherhand, has been on the tabloids recently because of his sex scandal with a Japanese model/actress. Proved to be false and fans of Seungri's have nothing to worry about. I compare him to Galaxy S3 newest Pink color, for Seungri having the latest issue and the latest color was released both last September.

Finally, the rich-kid singer-composer G-Dragon, definitely resembles color Titanium Grey. Very manly, elegant looking and like the color titanium, he looks like a tough person who's untouchable.

Fingers crossed. Hopefully I see them in person. Thanks to Nuffnang Philippines for this great event.


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