Thursday, October 11, 2012

Spooky Halloween Hits by Golden Records Review

I have never experienced being on Halloween parties with costumes and everything. It's not that celebrated much here in the Philippines, though some malls are having Trick or Treat, I would really like my kids to experience it, carrying a pumpkin bucket and going to every store for goodies. For sure, while still doing it they are munching goodies on their way to stores.

I received a digital copy of the full album from Golden Records. They just released this early October and here's what want to share with you.

I just finished listening to the 20 track hits for the 5th time since 2 days ago. It's been fun doing it with my daughter. We sing together, laugh and make funny faces. This Golden Records: Spooky Halloween Hits album will be the only thing you need if you're planning to create a Halloween school play for the kids.

Every song will make your imagination explore and would want to be part of it. Here's a sample trailer, this is the first song entitled Halloween Macabre.

Spooky Halloween Hits Trailer

I got my personal favorites and I bet you will like it and your kid too. I chose these tracks to be the perfect sequence for a play, if you just try to listen carefully, it would take you places and you'll see yourself being the witch... LOL

Track no. 4 Witch's Stew 
Starts the show with the witch preparing a stew for the coming full moon. Inside her cauldron are insects, frogs, spiders and bats, stirring it with her stick broom with matching creepy laugh.  Imagining every detail makes it interesting.

Listen to the sample song at

Track no.9 Stuck on a Broomstick
Children are happy knowing the witch was stuck on a broomstick and she'll never make it on Halloween night. Along with the song comes a narration from Frankenstein-like voice.

Listen to the sample song at

Track no.12 Guess What I am

This is our most-listened-to track, my daughter Mishka giggles when we sing this song. I bet audiences will interact with the play by answering their Guess what I am question.

Track no.14 The Ghost's Lament
On the corner of the stage will be a haunted house replica where ghosts and witches play and plan their spooky tricks to scare the kids around.

Listen to the sample song at

Track no. 11 A Weird Happening
This is a narration of a boy recalling his encounter with a one-eyed creature. While narrating , there could be a re-enactment of this weird happening, like a flashback theme.

Track no. 19 As the Witches Go Flying Along
The fun part here in your play will be the flying witches. Children will go crazy and scared at the same time LOL
Listen to the sample song at

That could be the end of your Halloween play or you can add more. It's a fun thing to explore your imagination with these upbeat tracks.

You can purchase the whole album for only $5. Each track cost $.99 only. Your family will enjoy this Spooky Halloween Hits by Golden Records. You and your kids can dance and sing with some of the songs, be scared, laugh and play games with it too.

What are you waiting for? Get it now! Available at AMAZON and iTunes.

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