Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Featured Online Shop: Claytoons Polymer Clay

The season we've all been waiting for is coming soon. And of course, what happenings are more grandeur in this coming event...GIFT GIVING

A perfect timing to introduce our Featured Online Seller Lovelyn Lim Gonzales and her shop

Our featured shop offers polymer clay materials and accessories in clay making. Personalized, made-to-order polymer clay are mostly the bestsellers. It can be used in any occasion such as baptismal, birthday, wedding and also for simple family gatherings like baby shower. Charm bracelets, necklace,cutesy items, in bottles and hooks, all made with passion by Ms. Lovelyn. She really is a dedicated, creative and friendly individual that's is why her business seems to grow bigger and bigger everyday. More orders and of course more income for her and her family. Here are some of her famous polymer clay products you will surely love.

charm bracelets and necklaces

beautiful clay creations for all types of occasion

for the love of your life - cellphone charm

Besides the souvenir items, Claytoons Polymer Clay also conducts training and provides insights and tips on how to grow a business like this. Supplies all tools you need in clay making at an affordable price. 
Payment options: Accepting G-cash and Bank of the Philippine Island deposit
You may add Lovelyn Lim Gonzales as a friend on Facebook to know more about her products and services as well as her shipping details. Follow @LovelynClaytoon on Twitter

Shop now at Claytoons Polymer Clay for your Christmas gifts and corporate giveaway.

Advance Merry Christmas! (",)
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