Thursday, November 29, 2012

I could be a Zillionaire by now

I've been receiving enormous spam mails regarding wealth and money transfers everyday. Sometimes these emails go directly to my inbox as if though they're solely intended for me. For once, yes, I thought it could be true, but I always think it over then realized I am being stupid. Sorry for the word. Anyway, these emails, are for sure, you also have encountered already. I don't know why they kept doing that, to think that people now are smarter, and knows how to determine a scam, a bogus, fake or a modus operandi. Either way you call it, they are not real. These are some of the emails I've been receiving which you might be familiar with, if not, should be aware of.

Spam emails

I opened some for you to know the details and how convincing these letters are.

End of Year lotto

donating huge amount of money

British National lottery

Microsoft and Facebook
Unclaimed money by various sources

British Petroleum
An award by raffling email i.d. attached to a certain file number 

Some emails have this red mark, thanks to Google, they have a warning for possible victims.
Most of my spam include African names, fund transfers from dead people and sometimes ransom money, government collections which were not recorded and rich individuals with no beneficiary by blood.

I know their sole interest are the personal details of an individual. It is a spam so your email is really not typed or intentionally been chosen to receive it. So if you replied to it, then you automatically give them your personal email address, then they will ask for your full name, address and bank account details. I really don't have any idea how they do that, but they are probably ruining some people's lives now. Some may use it for purchasing items online using bank account details they acquired, or using other's identity while transacting online businesses, or may also be using them for illegal adult websites. Other spam emails have links to be clicked only, you should never clicked given links from an unknown person.

I hope not any of you have given their personal information to like-emails I've been receiving. I'm sharing this because I wouldn't want you to be a victim. How I wished these emails were true, I would be a zillionaire by now if that happens. Reading these emails make me smile, and also makes me imagine beautiful things that may happen if amounts like that would be transferred to me. Well, dream on! LOL

I think this one applies to all:

Awareness is the best prevention for unfortunate things to happen.

If you have other spam emails different from what I presented here, please let me know so I can add it here. Thank you.

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