Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Expectations on Breaking Dawn Part 2

I may have read the Twilight Saga books once but there were many scenes I remembered that should have been given emphasis in the movie. I may not be the kind of fan who's bursting out here and there but I definitely am a secret avid fan of the books and movies too.
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When I watched the first movie, Twilight, I am so very disappointed with the plot, the acting and the director. I watched the movie till the end hoping there will be some improvements or major impact that would make me go WOW!, but really the whole movie is a huge disappointment. Out of this world overacting, emotions lacking (exclude the cold blooded vampires) some awkward scenes which will hit you and you know it's embarrassing and will leave you open-mouthed questioning..what's that?! Well, even if Twilight suffered from critics, people still loved it.
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When I found out that the director of part 2, New Moon was changed, I said to myself,  maybe they've seen what I saw and made some changes for the better. I'm glad it was a good one but not that amazing as the book.
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There goes Eclipse, it was awesome and full of exciting scenes. The vampires chasing Victoria, the very helpful many-flashbacks stories, the short but well done fighting scenes of new-breed of vampires versus the wolves & Cullens. I had hoped before that Breaking Dawn would be the best of all the Twilight adaptation, though I'm not at all disappointed, I was thrilled and really excited for this last part of the epic saga. The Eclipse was the best for me, more movements and every scene is a-must-see.
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The Breaking Dawn Part 1 was really good, but my fave part was indeed the last part where Bella started changing and transforming to what she is now. The most powerful vampire ever.
Breaking Dawn Part II
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On November 15,2012 will be the premiere of Breaking Dawn Part II and my mind goes wild on my expectations for the movie. I can't wait to see Renesmee and how Jacob would react when he realized he was imprinted to Bella's daughter, the shocked and happy faces of Charlie and Rene once Renesmee is revealed to them, the over-protective-immediate-love of Rosalie to the baby, the powerful alliance between the vampires and wolves against the Volturi and how Bella protected the combined army with her own powers. This would definitely be the epic battle of all battles, hope so. If I will be very satisfied with the last part of the Twilight Saga, I'll definitely write about it and brag about how the movie would be as great as the books.

If I will be lucky to win the tickets for Breaking Dawn Part II, I will be watching it at the Newport Cinema at the famous Resorts World Hotel with my bff Luchie. Fingers crossed!
  UPDATE: I won 2 tickets

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