Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful For You November Giveaway by Michelle Phan

My daughter and I are really huge Michelle Phan fanatics. I've seen lots of her make-up tutorial videos but my daughter, Mishka, have watched it all.  Though I am not fond of putting make up, we're just amazed on how Michelle changes her look from simple to chic to scary to gorgeous and so on. Now I saw her new video and my eyes got bigger when I saw the word GIVEAWAY, you know how I am into giveaway and contests. Well, this is from Michelle Phan and I wouldn't want to let it pass. On this video which was uploaded yesterday, Michelle apologizes to her viewers for not uploading/updating her site because she has stomach flu, I'm glad she's fine now, also her mechanics and actual prizes for this Thankful For You November Giveaway.

So here it is.. Open globally, winners will be announced December 5th... it's next week so let's comment more... Subscribe to Michelle Phan on Youtube first before commenting

as of this moment there are 302 views (maybe Youtube stats is delayed) with 94,191 comments mine included (",)

if this video is not working properly please proceed to this link here

Prizes for the Two Lucky Winners of JUST FAB goodies

Black Knightsbridge Bag
Black Mercedes Shoes
China Glaze holiday nail collection
Skin79 BB Cream
Benefit Lipglosses and Blush

Emerald Knightsbridge Bag
Black Mercedes Shoes
Philosophy by Philosophy The Muffin Man Shower Gel 
Salon Perfect Holiday Nail polish selection
Bare Minerals Light Show kit


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Instagram is MichelleFawn
Her website

Goodluck to all Michelle Phan fans out there!

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