Saturday, November 3, 2012

To Publish or To Self-Publish

August last year, I finished a manuscript of 7,000+ words. It's a short story and it's fictional.

My problem now is where should I start or how to even start making it published. Would I go for an eBook or self-publishing? I got rid of the option to publish with a company that offers packages. I applied for it twice, and got a response through email, mobile phone call (from Singapore) and also a snail mail from Dorrance Publishing in London. At first, I felt happy because I thought receiving their responses would be the start of my 'writing career', yet it isn't. A huge amount of money is involved in publishing one manuscript. Their publishing packages which were all close to $1000. So I decided not to pursue it that way for obvious reasons.

So now I am trying self-publishing and eBook. I created a FREE account at Blurb books. I did not publish any part of my 7k-story rather my other manuscript which was entitled Adventures of Kamish and Tantris.

It is a children's story, a series of adventures and misadventures of two brothers. Kamish the Lion and Tantris the Tiger. The first of the series is subtitled A Brother's Love. Kamish and Tantris were raised by Mother Nature as real brothers. One day, fate will decide whoever will be the rightful king for the Kingdom of Great Forest. In their path towards greatness, they will encounter problems and obstacles. They were being tested for values which a king must possess. It's a journey of their fate. They promised each other that whoever will be declared as the king, they will be both happy. Okay, enough of that before I spill out everything. Spoiler me! LOL

Now, I'm working on the illustration. I asked my pretty cousin, Carla Jane, to draw some. We haven't had a sit-down discussion on this but hopefully before Christmas we already have some illustrations for my story.

One more thing that's why I can't make it to on-line publishing, is because I still have to apply for an ISBN. Yes, what was that? why the need for that? ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It's like a serial for books being published and also for easy identification. For more ISBN facts, visit here. To be able to apply for this number, I still have to go to the Department of Trade and Industry to apply for a business permit. That is my biggie problemo... Can't go out for a whole day DTI application.

I seriously wanted my manuscripts to get published. Where should I start? Do you have any experience in publishing or know someone close to you that has a published book and out in the market already. Please help me with this. I read some articles about self publishing, but it really is  different thing when you speak with someone who experienced it already. So now I'm on for a hunt (",) Hopefully meet one famous author...dream on...

Here's my Blurb e-book... they don't require ISBN, I don't know why. Maybe if someone purchased a hardcopy, I may have to apply for one.

I am very open for your suggestions on what should I do first so to make my manuscripts profitable.

Thanks in advance.

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