Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One Kings Lane Day of Furniture

If you haven't changed a bit in your living room since last year, well it's time to create a new ambiance for your family and visitors with One Kings Lane Day of Furniture.

 May it be for your bedroom or dining room, One Kings Lane has it all. Colorful ones or just simple enough for your family to sit on, just make it all at home with this Day of Furniture Sale of up to 70% Off.

Feast you eyes with these gorgeous finds at One Kings Lane.

Be at Home with this Day of Furniture Sale at One Kings Lane until January 31st, 2013.
Also check out these links for other furniture outdoors and indoors.
Fresh-Air Furniture Event
Sofas & Beyond Event
Tables Event
Headboards & Beds Event

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Want a Sulit Deal? Start the Year Right with SULIT.COM.PH

Almost everyday I visit to browse on my fave items over and over again. I don't know why I kept doing that, it still has the same price, still the same dealer and same payment options. I just felt comfortable searching and clicking things I like on Sulit. I have joined their every contest but unfortunately I didn't win. Who knows someday I might win some fabulous prizes? (",)

I have had successful purchases with sellers/agents through, if I am not mistaken our first good buy, which until now we're using it, was in the year 2008 with Kimstore (now famous in gadgets) I bought a Canon EOS 500D, we did meet-ups with Kim and exchanged numbers, 2 more successful transactions of Canon also with her in 2009. Then another huge deal was a brand new Mazda 2 Hatchback last 2010 with Sulitizen jzambrona of Mazda Greenhills.

The latest Sulit deal was last December 2012 before Christmas , I can say that we're very happy and satisfied with the deal. My husband and I are rooting for this particular item for quite some time until the 13th month pay came and some thinking-think-think and voila! Yes, we did it and it's good to see some tangible thing after a whole-year work. Sulit deal it is.

It is a 42-inch LG Smart 3D TV and my kids are going crazy with it, of course me and my spouse too. The proof of happiness with this Sulit purchase.

I still have a huge to-buy list with Sulit. I know for now I won't be able to buy it all, but someday I might.. one at a time.

I just want to share with you how engrossed am I to
Here's my 10 SULIT Must-Have's items:

This would beat our allergic rhinitis that's been with us for quite some time.
I hope this would really help.

For me and my hubby, this would help us tone our body to the figure we're dreaming of. LOL
Even if I don't practice creating new year's resolution, I've set my mind on slimming down. 

We need a new air-condition, now that it's been working crazy this past few months, 
and maybe the reason for our allergies too.

This really is a must-have for me, so I can look after my kids more, than spending time in the laundry room almost half of the day.

This should come in pair with the one we purchased. I'll save more for this (",)

Suddenly I have that eagerness to sew. Just watched a lot of free online 
sewing class on Craftsy and would love to buy this now.

This can help me in my blogging and also the unfinished manuscript that needs to be continued.

I thought I'll never get to see this in the Philippine market, and 
now I can own one. Yipee! Love Sulit

I always wanted to own a mini vacuum cleaner because of the tiny 
crumbs and dust in our room, and also for our car.

I'm looking for a perfect gift for my kids that will make them stay in one place... (",) and will never argue that it is hers and his' because they can never carry this with them under the bed. LOL

Well, there goes my list of 10 Sulit Must-Have's. Now it's your turn to have your Top 10 list too. Visit and get the links of the items you like or wish to purchase. 

Nuffnang Philippines and will be choosing the best entry from Nuffnangers post about Starting the Year Right with  and will win P50,000 worth of GCs. 
Five lucky readers of the winning blogger will receive P10,000 worth of GCs. So make your own list now and comment below with the following format:

Full name
Facebook Profile URL  or Twitter ID
My 10 Sulit Must Have's
Item name and Item link

Sample comment:

Cynthia Galapon (or @mythinktanknet)
My 10 Sulit Must Have's
Flat iron -
up to item 10

All items must come from

Visit their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @Sulit
This contest will end February 20, 2013, in just one sitting 
you can create your 10 must-have items. 
No pressure. Just enjoy you're online window shopping.

If it's Sulit... It's a Deal 

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Monday, January 21, 2013

How to encash your dollar check below $100?

I once had a problem with my earnings at some affiliate programs not having Paypal cash-out if you reached your desired limit with your earnings. I have applied for ShareaSale and their payment options just include Direct deposit for US bank accounts and check. So I chose the check payment and I was so happy receiving it for the first time. It is only a small amount less than $100 and I thought it would be easy to encash it on banks in the Philippines. Here goes my huge problem... I may have earned a lot through affiliations but I know it would be impossible for me to enjoy my earnings. I called the top 4 famous banks here and all of them are not allowing dollar encashments if you're not their account holder. So, okay with me, I am very much willing to open a dollar account, then another problem arise... I have to open a new dollar account only if I have $500 to maintain it. My goodness, I am trying to earn a living here and there you go bank account with a huge maintaining balance. I was so devastated at that time. Then my-think-tank just told me to inquire for any other options at ShareaSale.

Goodness, they emailed me, advising to get a Payoneer account and apply for a US Payment Service (they have a huge list of affiliations related with Payoneer), the application goes with physical debit mastercard for me to encash my earnings. I was approved and they gave me a virtual US bank account. Yahoo! it is. I received my card last December 27, 2012 and I was so happy and so eager to earn more from my affiliations.

Not only I get to encash and purchase online through my Payoneer card, there's also a new referral program they just launched today. A $25 refer-a-friend program. Referred friends also get $25 according to Payoneer. So if you are interested, please comment below or send me your email address through with subject Referral and Payoneer will send you details. I'll wait for you and let's make some rockin' moolah online. 


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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Valentine's Day Gifts by Layla Grayce

Oh! Love Month is approaching fast. Your partner in life may never tell you how she wishes to receive Valentine presents but better prepare one, simple roses and chocolates are a bit too cheesy and very common... Why not try a little bit of at-home and comfortable, something like Layla Grayce.  I've been posting lots about them and hopefully you have familiarize yourself with their awesome products. And of course, they also have Happy Hearts Day promo which is all about PINK...  Any purchase you made through this special Code:  15pink a 15% discount will be deducted on your fave items until January 31, 2013. Here are some to guide you and keep your valued time..

More of  Layla Grayce  when you visit their site.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

RueLaLa to the Rescue: Fashion/Living/Beauty

If you haven't visited or heard yet of Rue La La well you're missing half of your online life (on-life) experience. Love shopping? fashion? How about over-all style guide for you and your home? RueLaLa's got it!

Click on this banner to sign-up for RueLaLa

Let me tell you something about RueLala... it is an exclusively invitation only membership. It will open your online world into a new perspective. They blog about everything in the world of fashion, living and beauty. Giving information on short-time private sale on famous brand boutiques, where RueLaLa members get to know firsthand. Top brands all over the world only at RueLaLa.

Want to know the easiest way to a clutter-free household? Visit RueLaLa and be amazed.

For those who don't believe or unable to commit with  New Year's Resolution, RueLaLa has made it easy for you. 31 Days of New - will help you find and try new things that will also give you a challenging every day. Making each day a day to look for... try New food or New exercise or new place to go.. It will surely be an adventure everyday. Start it now register and discover great finds, great offers exclusively for RueLaLa members only.

Don't forget to click on the RueLaLa banner and sign up. You may also refer a friend and RueLaLa will credit $10 on their first order.

Happy Shopping!

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Monday, January 14, 2013

A Self-Published Book by BLurb

I can't wait for my Blurb books to arrive. I still have to wait for a week before it reaches our doorstep. The manuscript I made last year is becoming a reality and I wouldn't believe it to be true until it's on my very hands.

I received an email from Blurb regarding order confirmation and also the tracking number. FedEx will deliver it to me. So nice!

If you want to make a long lasting remembrance of you own stories, or poetry or your musical compositions, Blurb can turn it into a treasure for you. Facebook and Instagram images you have been keeping in your account for a very long time, can now be scanned through the pages, with your hands, on a photo book. Just visit Blurb and start making your memories to last a lifetime. It can be handed down from generation to generation. You can also give it as a gift to a friend or  loved one. Just play with your imagination in decorating your own photo book with BLURB. They will make it easier for you with their free downloadable applications for each specific purpose/use.

I have BLURB to thank for making one of my dreams come true. I'll post it as soon as it arrives. Meantime, visit their site and experiment, decorate and most of all enjoy making Blurb books.

Get your 15% discount if you register and start making your own treasure of memories and achievements.

Create your own cookbook recipes.

Blurb Custom Planner's
It's not yet late to make your personalized 2013 planner.

Wedding photos are surely for keeps.

Instagram photo book

Your unpublished manuscript here - ebook for iPad and hard copies too. Blurb is user-friendly.

Here's a preview of the children's story that I made with Blurb. You can also sell your self-published Blurb books online.

The Adventures of Kamish & Tantris : A Brother's Love by Chai C. Galapon | Make Your Own Book

My next project for self-publishing is a fiction, fantasy story with a hundred pages entitled Innocence in Time. It's about the famous prince's and princesses you grew up knowing. Watch out for it soon.

Thanks for your time. Advance Happy Valentine's Day! hahaha just too advance.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bloggers Beware of this Scammer

If you're familiar with my previous giveaway on Feather Clip-On Hair Extensions last November 2012, and have joined, I would like to apologize to the participants and to my winners Marzs Lugtu and Ricalyn Sicad, but I think we have been fooled by Hair Extension Deal.

Two weeks before the said giveaway,by the way,  here's the link, a certain Vicky Liu ( emailed me and offered a great giveaway for my blog. Great? Well,of course, I accepted her offer and asked me to run the giveaway on my preferred date, so I told her that I'll start on November 15 and maybe run the giveaway for a week or 10 days. I asked her a few questions for my website review so you,my dear readers would know more about their products. I really have a good vibes at that time because we just exchange emails for three consecutive days. She requested that I run my giveaway as earlier as expected, so I started November 12, 2012 to make a buzz of their products before Black Friday comes.

My giveaway ended November 22, 2012 and announced the winners around November 26, I think. Since then, I didn't not receive any email from Vicky/Vivian, for the confirmation of my sent winners' details to her.

At that time, I was still expecting that it was just a delay of the products, because it happened to me and to my winners of Favordeal Jewelry giveaway, which took more than 2 months to receive the prizes. That's why I'm still hoping that Hair Extension Deal would still would do their part as promised. We, bloggers, are helping out spread your products for awareness of the public, we may also have helped you increase sales because of our reviews and mentions. But if this thing will happen to us, being scammed by online stores like Hair Extension Deal, you are expecting that huge risk that your site and your products wouldn't go far, and eventually will lose your potential clients and close business soon. Don't fool us, because you'll be surprised that you'll be wiped out of the industry that fast------ just like that.

Even if you change your Facebook fan page every week, we will still hunt you and spread the bad news they are about to experience with you. So customers, maybe, will drop by at your page to just check because of curiosity,but never to purchase anything from you. This is a lesson for me too, as I have trusted their words of commitment.

Another one contacted me, Cymee Chen, offering the same giveaway after mine has finished already. My friend Istin Paigna, owner of Blah Blah Blah Rants and Raves of a Bum also received the same offer. 

So for you guys, please be aware of the following sites/links. You may have liked their pages and followed them on Twitter or may have followed at Pinterest too. You're free the disconnect your accounts to their pages and sites. Here's their list, so far, I might add some in the following days if it's confirmed theirs.

New Facebook pages too.
and another one  (joined FB last Dec. 7,2012)

Their website is here

My fellow bloggers links on their Hair Extension Deal experience. (Thanks to my reader Rindodo Kim, if it not for her I wouldn't know some bloggers were scammed already and me still hopeful on their promise)

Angel was Here

Bundles of Joy

Eyahnism Beauty Blog

Any fellas here who were also scammed? Please let me know and I'll add your links here.If you could share this also to your pages and fb accounts, that would be a big help. PLEASE spread for public awareness,WW.

The next time I receive giveaway offers, I know now what to do. Check on other bloggers too. I think it's a good thing for us bloggers to ask first for products to review before offering an unsure giveaway. Time wasted on our part, preparing the forms and post, and of course for the participants of the contest if all would just be a scam,so let's be strict next time.

If after this someone from Hair Extension Deal would contact me, I'll update this post

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Craftsy Block of the Month 2013 - Free Online Classes, the No. 1 Online Class for Craft Lovers is beginning the year with a FREE Online Quilting Class. Of course, I wouldn't be left alone not joining it. Even you could get free online classes on their site.

I just watched my Free Reversible Tote Bag Making class and is now planning to buy my own sewing machine. It really was a great experience gaining knowledge on how to make the things you're just using everyday.

Craftsy now features 2013 Block of the Month. A Free online class by quilting legend, Laura Nownes. Every month, a free course on new block will be released. You can watch it anytime, so you won't miss a class.  By year end, you have finished a beautiful quilt sampler. All lessons are free for Craftsy members.

Sign up now on and enjoy making your favorite crafts anytime of the day.

For Bloggers and website owners, Join The Craftsy Affiliate Program Now!

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Early Learning Centre: Play and Learn

Last Christmas, Mishka and Tristan were very happy opening their presents coming from their godparents, grandparents, uncle and aunties and of course from us. I am happy seeing their faces glow when they received their gifts that is why I bought several presents for them to open. Got some from Toy Kingdom, Toy's R Us and Early Learning Centre. Ms. Mariel Bartolome was very kind, giving me  gift certificates to use on their branch at Active Fun, Bonifacio High Street. So here's what I get for my kids. (",)

ELC Frogs Frenzy
(helps child in color detection, social skills, speed)

ELC Magnetic Fishing Game
(practice patience, sharing, knowledge on sea creatures)

These new toys I gave them were a hit also with their cousins and me too (",)

Tristan still looking for balls left to place at the center.

I chose these fun toys because it can be played by two or more, and I know how my kids would fight over a toy. I want them to play together and interact with other kids too. 
These toys will help kids gain patience, which is an issue now for them because the are always in front of their gadgets clicking and pointing, I observed that they want every request to be in a flash. With toys like these, children only not have fun, they also learn some things that may help develop some of their skills and personality.

If you would like to have a look at their products please read my previous article here
Meantime, these items are on my checklist for my kids.

If our little girl loves to play pretend doctor, she will definitely thank you for this.

Most of their items are made of light wood which means safety.

Clay making kit

For a budding entrepreneur

This is ELC's play area while you shop

Mini Trampoline

Dolls for girls and boys too

Be puzzled

My daughter likes watching make up tutorials on Youtube. 
This styling head will be a good start for her mini salon.

Visit Early Learning Centre now at Active Fun,
near Mothercare Philippines at Bonifacio High Street.
Enjoy shopping with your kiddos.

It's never too late for your kids to receive gifts they deserve. 
Let them learn while having fun. (",)

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Post Happy New Year Post

Is it a Belated Happy New Year greeting? Maybe yes, and maybe no. It is New year for the whole month for me... Waiting to adjust from the long vacation of my husband and daughter, waiting for my aggressiveness to blog and now I am starting it... hopefully continuously (",), doing my checklist for the whole month and for the year for long term plans.. Distance myself from all the foodie, parties that will come as we stretch this year long like a snake.

To tell you frankly my dear readers, 2012 mostly had bad memories for me and my family, mother side and father side, and some of my friends too. Sad as it is losing a loved one, add up the nth times we visited and stayed at the hospital because of my kids, I can say that it's a very stressful, hypertension-trigger year for me. Of course, for some of you who can relate to my situation would know what I wanted and is wishing this new year...  peace of mind. I know you need it too. Well, I hope this year better be a good one for all of us. If only I have that power to turn the wrong things to good ones, we'll all be happier now.

Be positive.
Be contented.
If you're wishing for a change, make it happen. Miracles only happen to people who deserves it. Get up and work, work, work now, whatever it is you're supposed to do, DO IT NOW!

Happy New Year! Be Merry & Prosperous

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