Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bloggers Beware of this Scammer

If you're familiar with my previous giveaway on Feather Clip-On Hair Extensions last November 2012, and have joined, I would like to apologize to the participants and to my winners Marzs Lugtu and Ricalyn Sicad, but I think we have been fooled by Hair Extension Deal.

Two weeks before the said giveaway,by the way,  here's the link, a certain Vicky Liu ( emailed me and offered a great giveaway for my blog. Great? Well,of course, I accepted her offer and asked me to run the giveaway on my preferred date, so I told her that I'll start on November 15 and maybe run the giveaway for a week or 10 days. I asked her a few questions for my website review so you,my dear readers would know more about their products. I really have a good vibes at that time because we just exchange emails for three consecutive days. She requested that I run my giveaway as earlier as expected, so I started November 12, 2012 to make a buzz of their products before Black Friday comes.

My giveaway ended November 22, 2012 and announced the winners around November 26, I think. Since then, I didn't not receive any email from Vicky/Vivian, for the confirmation of my sent winners' details to her.

At that time, I was still expecting that it was just a delay of the products, because it happened to me and to my winners of Favordeal Jewelry giveaway, which took more than 2 months to receive the prizes. That's why I'm still hoping that Hair Extension Deal would still would do their part as promised. We, bloggers, are helping out spread your products for awareness of the public, we may also have helped you increase sales because of our reviews and mentions. But if this thing will happen to us, being scammed by online stores like Hair Extension Deal, you are expecting that huge risk that your site and your products wouldn't go far, and eventually will lose your potential clients and close business soon. Don't fool us, because you'll be surprised that you'll be wiped out of the industry that fast------ just like that.

Even if you change your Facebook fan page every week, we will still hunt you and spread the bad news they are about to experience with you. So customers, maybe, will drop by at your page to just check because of curiosity,but never to purchase anything from you. This is a lesson for me too, as I have trusted their words of commitment.

Another one contacted me, Cymee Chen, offering the same giveaway after mine has finished already. My friend Istin Paigna, owner of Blah Blah Blah Rants and Raves of a Bum also received the same offer. 

So for you guys, please be aware of the following sites/links. You may have liked their pages and followed them on Twitter or may have followed at Pinterest too. You're free the disconnect your accounts to their pages and sites. Here's their list, so far, I might add some in the following days if it's confirmed theirs.

New Facebook pages too.
and another one  (joined FB last Dec. 7,2012)

Their website is here

My fellow bloggers links on their Hair Extension Deal experience. (Thanks to my reader Rindodo Kim, if it not for her I wouldn't know some bloggers were scammed already and me still hopeful on their promise)

Angel was Here

Bundles of Joy

Eyahnism Beauty Blog

Any fellas here who were also scammed? Please let me know and I'll add your links here.If you could share this also to your pages and fb accounts, that would be a big help. PLEASE spread for public awareness,WW.

The next time I receive giveaway offers, I know now what to do. Check on other bloggers too. I think it's a good thing for us bloggers to ask first for products to review before offering an unsure giveaway. Time wasted on our part, preparing the forms and post, and of course for the participants of the contest if all would just be a scam,so let's be strict next time.

If after this someone from Hair Extension Deal would contact me, I'll update this post

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