Saturday, January 5, 2013

Early Learning Centre: Play and Learn

Last Christmas, Mishka and Tristan were very happy opening their presents coming from their godparents, grandparents, uncle and aunties and of course from us. I am happy seeing their faces glow when they received their gifts that is why I bought several presents for them to open. Got some from Toy Kingdom, Toy's R Us and Early Learning Centre. Ms. Mariel Bartolome was very kind, giving me  gift certificates to use on their branch at Active Fun, Bonifacio High Street. So here's what I get for my kids. (",)

ELC Frogs Frenzy
(helps child in color detection, social skills, speed)

ELC Magnetic Fishing Game
(practice patience, sharing, knowledge on sea creatures)

These new toys I gave them were a hit also with their cousins and me too (",)

Tristan still looking for balls left to place at the center.

I chose these fun toys because it can be played by two or more, and I know how my kids would fight over a toy. I want them to play together and interact with other kids too. 
These toys will help kids gain patience, which is an issue now for them because the are always in front of their gadgets clicking and pointing, I observed that they want every request to be in a flash. With toys like these, children only not have fun, they also learn some things that may help develop some of their skills and personality.

If you would like to have a look at their products please read my previous article here
Meantime, these items are on my checklist for my kids.

If our little girl loves to play pretend doctor, she will definitely thank you for this.

Most of their items are made of light wood which means safety.

Clay making kit

For a budding entrepreneur

This is ELC's play area while you shop

Mini Trampoline

Dolls for girls and boys too

Be puzzled

My daughter likes watching make up tutorials on Youtube. 
This styling head will be a good start for her mini salon.

Visit Early Learning Centre now at Active Fun,
near Mothercare Philippines at Bonifacio High Street.
Enjoy shopping with your kiddos.

It's never too late for your kids to receive gifts they deserve. 
Let them learn while having fun. (",)

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