Monday, January 21, 2013

How to encash your dollar check below $100?

I once had a problem with my earnings at some affiliate programs not having Paypal cash-out if you reached your desired limit with your earnings. I have applied for ShareaSale and their payment options just include Direct deposit for US bank accounts and check. So I chose the check payment and I was so happy receiving it for the first time. It is only a small amount less than $100 and I thought it would be easy to encash it on banks in the Philippines. Here goes my huge problem... I may have earned a lot through affiliations but I know it would be impossible for me to enjoy my earnings. I called the top 4 famous banks here and all of them are not allowing dollar encashments if you're not their account holder. So, okay with me, I am very much willing to open a dollar account, then another problem arise... I have to open a new dollar account only if I have $500 to maintain it. My goodness, I am trying to earn a living here and there you go bank account with a huge maintaining balance. I was so devastated at that time. Then my-think-tank just told me to inquire for any other options at ShareaSale.

Goodness, they emailed me, advising to get a Payoneer account and apply for a US Payment Service (they have a huge list of affiliations related with Payoneer), the application goes with physical debit mastercard for me to encash my earnings. I was approved and they gave me a virtual US bank account. Yahoo! it is. I received my card last December 27, 2012 and I was so happy and so eager to earn more from my affiliations.

Not only I get to encash and purchase online through my Payoneer card, there's also a new referral program they just launched today. A $25 refer-a-friend program. Referred friends also get $25 according to Payoneer. So if you are interested, please comment below or send me your email address through with subject Referral and Payoneer will send you details. I'll wait for you and let's make some rockin' moolah online. 


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