Monday, January 14, 2013

A Self-Published Book by BLurb

I can't wait for my Blurb books to arrive. I still have to wait for a week before it reaches our doorstep. The manuscript I made last year is becoming a reality and I wouldn't believe it to be true until it's on my very hands.

I received an email from Blurb regarding order confirmation and also the tracking number. FedEx will deliver it to me. So nice!

If you want to make a long lasting remembrance of you own stories, or poetry or your musical compositions, Blurb can turn it into a treasure for you. Facebook and Instagram images you have been keeping in your account for a very long time, can now be scanned through the pages, with your hands, on a photo book. Just visit Blurb and start making your memories to last a lifetime. It can be handed down from generation to generation. You can also give it as a gift to a friend or  loved one. Just play with your imagination in decorating your own photo book with BLURB. They will make it easier for you with their free downloadable applications for each specific purpose/use.

I have BLURB to thank for making one of my dreams come true. I'll post it as soon as it arrives. Meantime, visit their site and experiment, decorate and most of all enjoy making Blurb books.

Get your 15% discount if you register and start making your own treasure of memories and achievements.

Create your own cookbook recipes.

Blurb Custom Planner's
It's not yet late to make your personalized 2013 planner.

Wedding photos are surely for keeps.

Instagram photo book

Your unpublished manuscript here - ebook for iPad and hard copies too. Blurb is user-friendly.

Here's a preview of the children's story that I made with Blurb. You can also sell your self-published Blurb books online.

The Adventures of Kamish & Tantris : A Brother's Love by Chai C. Galapon | Make Your Own Book

My next project for self-publishing is a fiction, fantasy story with a hundred pages entitled Innocence in Time. It's about the famous prince's and princesses you grew up knowing. Watch out for it soon.

Thanks for your time. Advance Happy Valentine's Day! hahaha just too advance.

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