Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Want a Sulit Deal? Start the Year Right with SULIT.COM.PH

Almost everyday I visit to browse on my fave items over and over again. I don't know why I kept doing that, it still has the same price, still the same dealer and same payment options. I just felt comfortable searching and clicking things I like on Sulit. I have joined their every contest but unfortunately I didn't win. Who knows someday I might win some fabulous prizes? (",)

I have had successful purchases with sellers/agents through, if I am not mistaken our first good buy, which until now we're using it, was in the year 2008 with Kimstore (now famous in gadgets) I bought a Canon EOS 500D, we did meet-ups with Kim and exchanged numbers, 2 more successful transactions of Canon also with her in 2009. Then another huge deal was a brand new Mazda 2 Hatchback last 2010 with Sulitizen jzambrona of Mazda Greenhills.

The latest Sulit deal was last December 2012 before Christmas , I can say that we're very happy and satisfied with the deal. My husband and I are rooting for this particular item for quite some time until the 13th month pay came and some thinking-think-think and voila! Yes, we did it and it's good to see some tangible thing after a whole-year work. Sulit deal it is.

It is a 42-inch LG Smart 3D TV and my kids are going crazy with it, of course me and my spouse too. The proof of happiness with this Sulit purchase.

I still have a huge to-buy list with Sulit. I know for now I won't be able to buy it all, but someday I might.. one at a time.

I just want to share with you how engrossed am I to
Here's my 10 SULIT Must-Have's items:

This would beat our allergic rhinitis that's been with us for quite some time.
I hope this would really help.

For me and my hubby, this would help us tone our body to the figure we're dreaming of. LOL
Even if I don't practice creating new year's resolution, I've set my mind on slimming down. 

We need a new air-condition, now that it's been working crazy this past few months, 
and maybe the reason for our allergies too.

This really is a must-have for me, so I can look after my kids more, than spending time in the laundry room almost half of the day.

This should come in pair with the one we purchased. I'll save more for this (",)

Suddenly I have that eagerness to sew. Just watched a lot of free online 
sewing class on Craftsy and would love to buy this now.

This can help me in my blogging and also the unfinished manuscript that needs to be continued.

I thought I'll never get to see this in the Philippine market, and 
now I can own one. Yipee! Love Sulit

I always wanted to own a mini vacuum cleaner because of the tiny 
crumbs and dust in our room, and also for our car.

I'm looking for a perfect gift for my kids that will make them stay in one place... (",) and will never argue that it is hers and his' because they can never carry this with them under the bed. LOL

Well, there goes my list of 10 Sulit Must-Have's. Now it's your turn to have your Top 10 list too. Visit and get the links of the items you like or wish to purchase. 

Nuffnang Philippines and will be choosing the best entry from Nuffnangers post about Starting the Year Right with  and will win P50,000 worth of GCs. 
Five lucky readers of the winning blogger will receive P10,000 worth of GCs. So make your own list now and comment below with the following format:

Full name
Facebook Profile URL  or Twitter ID
My 10 Sulit Must Have's
Item name and Item link

Sample comment:

Cynthia Galapon (or @mythinktanknet)
My 10 Sulit Must Have's
Flat iron -
up to item 10

All items must come from

Visit their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @Sulit
This contest will end February 20, 2013, in just one sitting 
you can create your 10 must-have items. 
No pressure. Just enjoy you're online window shopping.

If it's Sulit... It's a Deal 

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