Monday, April 22, 2013

Sun Cellular: The Good Choice in Postpaid

Lately I've been thinking of switching my current postpaid plan from other network, due to failed customer service support, it's a very crucial factor for me when CSR's are good in communicating with clients and of course knowledgeable on their products and services, but I guess they have poor training and not that advance to think they've been tagged as the no.1 in the country. So I'm open for options on what postpaid plan to choose. I'm thinking of trying Sun Cellular. My brother and mother has it, my sister and brother-in-law has it too, and some of close friends are using Sun Cellular too. Well, frankly I'm curious because I can see them on their cellphone for hours talking to someone and they seem to enjoy the unlimited calls for sure.

So here are my options since Sun Cellular has a new offer with it's lightest and thinnest cellphone, free with Plan 600 and Plan 999.

For Plan 600 is Alcatel's lightest cellphone Idol
 Plan includes:
  • Unlimited Sun Calls and Text
  • P250 Consumable
  • 350 Free Texts to other networks

For Plan 999 is Alcatel's thinnest cellphone Idol Ultra
Plan includes:
  • Unlimited Mobile Internet
  • Unlimited Sun Texts
  • 4 Hours Sun Call
That would be pretty much everything that I want since almost everyone I know is using Sun Cellular, why not join them too.  Definitely it is a good choice for a postpaid plan and honestly I haven't heard any negative things about Sun Cellular, hopefully they have the best customer service.

This would go in my checklist for this quarter.(",)

Sun Cellular Plan 600 and Plan 999 - Good Choice in Postpaid
Let's join the other million subscribers now enjoying unlimited calls and mobile internet... 
only at Sun Cellular!

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