Friday, June 28, 2013

LTO Renewal of Driver's License - New Procedure June 2013

Don't think for a moment that renewal of your driver's license would take less than an hour, if that happens you are the most lucky person that day.

I arrived at the 30 minutes before SM Hypermarket Pasig branch opens, I'm with 2 other ladies who are also waiting for 9 'o clock signal. So eager to be the number in line so I just stood up at the foot of the escalator during waiting time so people would know I got the spot. Well that didn't happen because the woman and a guy suddenly went up telling the guard they will use the restroom, and because of that we all went up on the 2nd floor and started the journey of renewal.

Here are some essentials you need to bring so you won't be caught up empty handed and end up at the back of the line:

1. Old driver's license with its Official Receipt
2.  Ballpen (though they sell it at P10, it's still good to have it and fill out forms while you're in line)
3. A bottle of water if you feel like you need to hydrate before giving out urine sample for drug testing
4. A fan, well I just thought it is a necessity there, knowing that air-conditioning will open at mall hours, even if it's raining outside it will still be hot inside the mall and you don't want to look like you've been sweating all over when taken a picture
5. At least one primary ID for use as reference

We'll be doing a step by step procedure and the estimated time for each transaction:

1. Proceed to Window 1 for the Application for Renewal for Driver's License form

Whoops! This just in... Mandatory Drug Testing was removed permanently on this process.Period. So, I guess we better be more careful now on the road, because you'll never know some people might be real
'drug addicts' holding the steering wheel. =(  And don't you turn their fire on! Always be calm when dealing with reckless drivers.
this is the 'then' drug testing office in SM Pasig
(you can now keep your P300)

2. After filling out the form, next step will be the Medical check-up and some sight and hearing test will be done too. You will be paying P150.00 on this booth. About 10-15 minutes on this part.

3. Submit all documents to Window 1 and wait for your name to be called for the ID capture on Window 5.
Note: If you will be a first timer renewal, expect more than 30 minutes to be called, and don't be in awe if you see more than 13 persons after you passed by and finished the process (it happened to me). First timers file are being recorded and still needs to be sent to the main office (I think) for the confirmation) If they are using the obsolete type of computers, better bring a novel with you to read.

It's still Christmas after all (",)
Yup, in mid-June.

4. ID Capture - feel good when your picture is being taken, your license will be with you for the next three years. This will take about a minute only after placing your signature on the signature pad then wait for 10 minutes more.

5. Pay to the Cashier
Prepare P417.63 for Non-Professional license
If you have expired license already, there are additional penalty payments
P75  for 1 day to 1 year expired license
P150 for a year and 1 day to 2 years expired
P225 for more than 2 years (plus re-examination)
Please refer to this summary of LTO fees
 Process, process, process. Wait for about 10-15 minutes for your name to be called...

6.  Releasing of new driver's license at Window 1. 
Make sure you check every details on your license before leaving the LTO site.

Voila! At exactly 11:07AM my name was called.

It was a good feeling after all the waiting and sweating. Driving with an expired license is a bit scary even if you are very careful in driving you'll never know if an officer will wave his hand for you to stop and check your license. That's an inconvenience, time consuming and money wasted.

So that's my first renewal experience, and I think some of you will be more happy now that it will definitely be a lesser time because 15-30 minutes for the drug testing process is now eliminated.

You may share and ask questions about this process by leaving a comment below. I will soon be answering your queries.

Be a responsible person on the road. 
Drive Safely.

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                      My First Book: Innocence in Time

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Abbott's Pediasure Plus Promo - ongoing

It's been a year now since my kids' pediatrician Dra. Serafica-Diaz from The Medical City recommended the use of PediaSure Plus for my kids due to their choosy/picky diet. I am a happy mother seeing their progress with the help of PediaSure Plus.

Taken April 2012
before Mishka and Tristan started taking Pediasure Plus

This was the time they started drinking Pediasure Plus
You can see their thin bodies

December 2012

June 6, 2013 - one year with Pediasure Plus

taken last Sunday, June 23, 2013
My daughter Mishka, 5, Tristan, 3.5 years old, with their Tita Luchie (my BFF)

You be the judge (",)

I know PediaSure Plus maybe a bit expensive compared to other growing-up milk complete with full nutrition but I am satisfied with the way my kids' bodies and weight turned out to be.
By the way, I want to tell you that Abbott's PediaSure Plus has an ongoing promo, I discovered this last August 2012 and until now I am benefiting from it, of course financially. Great savings indeed!
 Sure Rewards P225 OFF for Pediasure Plus only,
an Abbott and Mercury Drug tie-up.
Not only you get this discount coupon for every 1.7kg of Vanilla flavor but you are also included in the raffle at the end of their promo period. Grand Prize is P30,000CASH
The promo will end June 30th, and the raffle draw will be on July 26, 2013.
BUT WAIT it doesn't end there, their promo continues until end of the year, so if your kiddos use PediaSure Plus and you have no idea of this ongoing promo better call Abbott's hotline 995-1555 and a very friendly customer service representative will assist you.

Sorry for the resolution =( my cellphone's camera is not your dream cam LOL

This is the envelop delivered to our doorstep from Abbott containing 20 coupons good for 2 months. Yes, my kids loved the taste so much, they can finish the 1.7kg vanilla flavor in 3 days (10 coupons a month)
 Oh, I almost forgot, if you're not a PediaSure Plus mom and wants your kiddo to try it, call the hotline and they'll give you a Nutrition Starter Kit which includes a sample pouch of PediaSure Plus so you'll know if your little one can enjoy its taste, for sure he will. (",)
Be an Abbott Mom now!
Good Vibes!!!

PediaSure has an ongoing promo entitled PediaHealth plus Wealth where you can earn points for every can of PediaSure Plus, the biggest can has 220 points. Once you reached a thousand points, it is equivalent to P1,000 worth of Mercury Drug gift certificates. I got mine last weekend.

P2000 worth of Mercury Drug gift certificates.
I'm really thankful for Abbott's PediaSure Plus promos, not only I get to save P225 per 1.7kg can, I also have additional savings because of this point system. 
Thank you so much to Abbott and Ms. Ana from Abbott-CRM who gave me the GCs. Looking forward to the grand raffle draw. (",)

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

My First Book: Innocence in Time

I am a blogger but I am so shy blogging about my new book/s. I have written it by the heart and I don't know why I find it so hard revealing it to everybody. I am confident with the story content of my book, I am just not fond of selling my work to anyone, but I kept on helping others be promoted(?). Well, now I have a bit of that thing we call 'guts' and make me do this please (",)

About my writing history.

Started composing Innocence in Time around February 2011, my kids were sleeping and finally got the time to hold a pen and paper, yes I just wrote it manually not on the laptop. My main character was named Regina Rose, it just popped out of me to write that name, I do not know any Regina Rose so I thought it might be a good character name. I finished the draft sometime in August 2011. Yeah, that took me a long time to create a short story, fictional of course and I call it a fairy tale continued. I love Cinderella (got a hint there)

Then I stopped. Wrote another short story, this time it's for the kids, entitled The Adventures of Kamish & Tantris: A Brother's Love, names derived from my kids' names Mishka and Tristan.

Amazon ebook series
Illustrated by my cousin Carla Jane del Rosario -owner of Hello Friday artworks(currently working on add-on interior illustrations)

Back to Innocence in Time:
January 2012 I scanned the pages again and started editing, I changed the main character to Tatiana Rose (it's my daughter's 2nd name). I decided to type it using Open Office, because my laptop has no MS Office so I downloaded a free one similar to that. Editing and proofreading for the nth time. I almost memorized the wordings of some scenes and I think it's normal for a writer to have that because of continuous and repeated browsing of pages. Anyway, I sent inquiries online on publishers like Dorrance (UK) and Trafford (Singapore) hoping to get a sponsored publishing, well they called me and liked my story but they offered a discounted package which is impossible for me to provide, so I told them I will contact them if I have sufficient funds. Dorrance''s $1000 while Trafford offers $464 (whoa!)

To make the story short, I looked for a printer and gladly found one located in Ortigas and they print on demand only so I won't worry about minimum orders. Here's my finished sample paperback:

Innocence in Time perfect bound paperback copy
beside is Tatiana Rose miniature (baked polymer clay) by Claytoons Polymer

The cover photo is my daughter's drawing and own interpretation of a princess. She's just 5 years old and full of imagination. 

About the Story:

The famous twelve Princes from different fairy tale kingdoms including Prince Charming, were captured by the evil witch that made a huge impact on mankind's history. No men exist for over a century because of them and the curse the witch had made. The captive princes were inside the Dungeon of Keepers and only one person knew of its location. The time has come when the witch decided to end everything, mankind include that. 
Tatiana Rose, an ordinary girl with immortality running through her veins, is the only solution to everything. With the help of her adopted parent Priscilla Faye, best friend Blaise and a certain old hag named Martina, Tatiana Rose will begin a journey that will end the evil witch's plan or worst, mankind. 

Exciting revelations, surprising characters and a great turn of events on Innocence in Time is expected. 

Later on I will include here the links of book reviewers' outlook on Innocence in Time. Also, I am planning  a Book Launching Event sometime in July together with the giveaways and other freebie stuff.

Starting today I am open to pre-orders for my book Innocence in Time. It will be delivered/distributed days before the book launching. For your pre-orders please fill up this form here. (Philippines only) For my dear readers outside the country who are interested to purchase my book it is available on Createspace/Amazon/Kindle ebook and paperback. If you want it to be given as a gift for your friends and relatives here in the Philippines I would be glad to send it to them gift wrapped. free of charge (",)

Here's the book specifications:

Book Title:        "Innocence in Time" 
Size:              4.5" x  7"   (Portrait) 
Extent:                94 inside pages + 4 pp cover 
Paper:                Inside pages - 80 gsm high quality book paper 
                Cover - 220 gsm C2S matt coated cover stock 
Color:                Inside pages - Black & white printing 
                Cover - Full color printing 
Finish:                Perfect bound paperback 

Price per book is P250.00 

For a Cause:
Every Innocence in Time paperback copy sold P20.00 will go to Baby Yvan Calimlim's maintenance medication, specialist doctors' fee and laboratory procedures. Here is the facebook page created to HELP Baby Yvan

Brief details about Baby Yvan:
He was born a premature baby last April 12, 2012 weighing 2kgs. He has Neonatal Pneumonia/Respiratory Distress Syndrome and was in the hospital for two months in a mechanical ventilator. Now that he is a year old, he is experiencing the complications from having Neonatal Pneumonia which is BronchoPulmonary Dysplasia. According to her mother Heart Calimlim, baby Yvan's health recovery is on 70% now and hopefully she can continue Yvan's daily medications and other important procedures and check-ups so Yvan   could play with his Ate (elder sister 2yrs old) and Kuya (elder brother 3yrs old). BPD can be contagious to other kids. For more details if you wish to donate to Yvan please click here.

Be the first to know the story of Innocence in Time. Pre-order now (",)
Thank you in advance.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Free Profitable Blogging Online Classes and FREE Web Hosting

{FREE} 4-Week Profitable Blogging For Beginners Class

Blogelina is now my friendliest neighbor in the blogosphere. Giving away everything a blogger or aspiring blogger ever wanted. Here's what to expect on this free online class:

  • The Class Manual - packed with 60 pages of information that will help take the overwhelming out of starting your own blog
  • 4 weekly online class sessions where you can ask your questions and get personalized feedback
  • A FREE Year of Web Hosting! I'm also pleased to announce that Blogelina is able to provide each person who registers for Blogelina's Online Class complimentary year of web hoting ($84 value)! That's right - no strings attached, no hidden requirements. 
  • Save yourself a lot of time, trouble and money.

If you have decided to be a blogger and earn your way up, or you want to take blogging to the next level, start acting now, register for free (",)

See you in one of Blogelina's Online Groups!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Earn from Craftsy's Free Classes

I've been thinking of ways to be productive and profitable without spending much or nothing at all (is that possible?) I know for sure, having the knowledge to do something (particularly a hobby-in-the-making) is one investment you can have without spending a thing or two. You can search it on the web and if you are that imaginative and also creative then you won't worry setting up your own business. That's is were CRAFTSY enters in your world. When I first saw Craftsy online when I was browsing the net, it caught my attention right away, because of its very interesting classes and to tell you frankly, I do love arts and crafts, my mind always have this very vivid imagination of things just the moment I saw something, for example, the tote-bag making, I've watched it and found the class very detailed and I know I can do it. I want to share with you how Craftsy can give you happiness in creating something you like and also it will make you earn extra income, more income if you give you full time with it.

To start with, here are just some of the top FREE classes in different categories, you choose whichever you like, and keep on adding other free classes to your inbox and what's great is that its also FREE membership. You really won't spend anything here...

There's more to Craftsy and you'll be overwhelmed with their FREE classes for sure.
 Register now and  get hooked!

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Rock Your Style with Firmoo June New Arrivals - FREE for New Customers

If you haven't tried wearing a Firmoo eye wear, well it's time you own one. Beside it being fashionable Firmoo is also known for it's great quality at a reasonable price. As an all time offer, new customers can get a FREE eyewear of their liking, yes you read it right, and it's available worldwide. glasses

Hi guys! Stay in the trend this summer with Firmoo! Since, we all are waiting for the luck of June, why won't we see first what Firmoo June collection can give us? They just updated their new arrivals for June, and right now, they are available for Firmoo First-Pair-Free-Program. Now you may have the chance to get yours for FREE!

+ Looking for Geek Glasses?

If you care about fashion, you could never be unknown to the geek elements blended in many designs. Geek glasses are a must-have for you who want to look intelligent and unique.

+ Looking for Chic Tortoise Glasses?

This tortoise glasses collection features an intriguing collision between retro glasses styles and modern fashion. Feel luxurious yet low-profile design, breaks limits and lines.

+ If you're looking for something more subtle, you can go for a simple but always fashionable rectangular frame.

Rectangle glasses with small-sized frame of serious and scripted design add sharp angles to the soft curves of your face, making you look mature and attractive.
Still not convinced that eyewear can be fashionable? Then check out how some of these fashionistas style them:
(All photos derived from Firmoo+.)
New Customers, check more products for your first free pair at Firmoo right now! You just need to pay shipping. First come, first served! (Simply by clicking "LUCKY DRAW" on the landing page, you may even get a totally free pair including shipping.)
Have you been eyeing for a particular Firmoo eyewear, let me know by leaving a comment below and who knows Firmoo might giveaway some for you my dear readers. (",)
This post may or may not be compensated.

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