Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Abbott's Pediasure Plus Promo - ongoing

It's been a year now since my kids' pediatrician Dra. Serafica-Diaz from The Medical City recommended the use of PediaSure Plus for my kids due to their choosy/picky diet. I am a happy mother seeing their progress with the help of PediaSure Plus.

Taken April 2012
before Mishka and Tristan started taking Pediasure Plus

This was the time they started drinking Pediasure Plus
You can see their thin bodies

December 2012

June 6, 2013 - one year with Pediasure Plus

taken last Sunday, June 23, 2013
My daughter Mishka, 5, Tristan, 3.5 years old, with their Tita Luchie (my BFF)

You be the judge (",)

I know PediaSure Plus maybe a bit expensive compared to other growing-up milk complete with full nutrition but I am satisfied with the way my kids' bodies and weight turned out to be.
By the way, I want to tell you that Abbott's PediaSure Plus has an ongoing promo, I discovered this last August 2012 and until now I am benefiting from it, of course financially. Great savings indeed!
 Sure Rewards P225 OFF for Pediasure Plus only,
an Abbott and Mercury Drug tie-up.
Not only you get this discount coupon for every 1.7kg of Vanilla flavor but you are also included in the raffle at the end of their promo period. Grand Prize is P30,000CASH
The promo will end June 30th, and the raffle draw will be on July 26, 2013.
BUT WAIT it doesn't end there, their promo continues until end of the year, so if your kiddos use PediaSure Plus and you have no idea of this ongoing promo better call Abbott's hotline 995-1555 and a very friendly customer service representative will assist you.

Sorry for the resolution =( my cellphone's camera is not your dream cam LOL

This is the envelop delivered to our doorstep from Abbott containing 20 coupons good for 2 months. Yes, my kids loved the taste so much, they can finish the 1.7kg vanilla flavor in 3 days (10 coupons a month)
 Oh, I almost forgot, if you're not a PediaSure Plus mom and wants your kiddo to try it, call the hotline and they'll give you a Nutrition Starter Kit which includes a sample pouch of PediaSure Plus so you'll know if your little one can enjoy its taste, for sure he will. (",)
Be an Abbott Mom now!
Good Vibes!!!

PediaSure has an ongoing promo entitled PediaHealth plus Wealth where you can earn points for every can of PediaSure Plus, the biggest can has 220 points. Once you reached a thousand points, it is equivalent to P1,000 worth of Mercury Drug gift certificates. I got mine last weekend.

P2000 worth of Mercury Drug gift certificates.
I'm really thankful for Abbott's PediaSure Plus promos, not only I get to save P225 per 1.7kg can, I also have additional savings because of this point system. 
Thank you so much to Abbott and Ms. Ana from Abbott-CRM who gave me the GCs. Looking forward to the grand raffle draw. (",)

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