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My First Book: Innocence in Time

I am a blogger but I am so shy blogging about my new book/s. I have written it by the heart and I don't know why I find it so hard revealing it to everybody. I am confident with the story content of my book, I am just not fond of selling my work to anyone, but I kept on helping others be promoted(?). Well, now I have a bit of that thing we call 'guts' and make me do this please (",)

About my writing history.

Started composing Innocence in Time around February 2011, my kids were sleeping and finally got the time to hold a pen and paper, yes I just wrote it manually not on the laptop. My main character was named Regina Rose, it just popped out of me to write that name, I do not know any Regina Rose so I thought it might be a good character name. I finished the draft sometime in August 2011. Yeah, that took me a long time to create a short story, fictional of course and I call it a fairy tale continued. I love Cinderella (got a hint there)

Then I stopped. Wrote another short story, this time it's for the kids, entitled The Adventures of Kamish & Tantris: A Brother's Love, names derived from my kids' names Mishka and Tristan.

Amazon ebook series
Illustrated by my cousin Carla Jane del Rosario -owner of Hello Friday artworks(currently working on add-on interior illustrations)

Back to Innocence in Time:
January 2012 I scanned the pages again and started editing, I changed the main character to Tatiana Rose (it's my daughter's 2nd name). I decided to type it using Open Office, because my laptop has no MS Office so I downloaded a free one similar to that. Editing and proofreading for the nth time. I almost memorized the wordings of some scenes and I think it's normal for a writer to have that because of continuous and repeated browsing of pages. Anyway, I sent inquiries online on publishers like Dorrance (UK) and Trafford (Singapore) hoping to get a sponsored publishing, well they called me and liked my story but they offered a discounted package which is impossible for me to provide, so I told them I will contact them if I have sufficient funds. Dorrance''s $1000 while Trafford offers $464 (whoa!)

To make the story short, I looked for a printer and gladly found one located in Ortigas and they print on demand only so I won't worry about minimum orders. Here's my finished sample paperback:

Innocence in Time perfect bound paperback copy
beside is Tatiana Rose miniature (baked polymer clay) by Claytoons Polymer

The cover photo is my daughter's drawing and own interpretation of a princess. She's just 5 years old and full of imagination. 

About the Story:

The famous twelve Princes from different fairy tale kingdoms including Prince Charming, were captured by the evil witch that made a huge impact on mankind's history. No men exist for over a century because of them and the curse the witch had made. The captive princes were inside the Dungeon of Keepers and only one person knew of its location. The time has come when the witch decided to end everything, mankind include that. 
Tatiana Rose, an ordinary girl with immortality running through her veins, is the only solution to everything. With the help of her adopted parent Priscilla Faye, best friend Blaise and a certain old hag named Martina, Tatiana Rose will begin a journey that will end the evil witch's plan or worst, mankind. 

Exciting revelations, surprising characters and a great turn of events on Innocence in Time is expected. 

Later on I will include here the links of book reviewers' outlook on Innocence in Time. Also, I am planning  a Book Launching Event sometime in July together with the giveaways and other freebie stuff.

Starting today I am open to pre-orders for my book Innocence in Time. It will be delivered/distributed days before the book launching. For your pre-orders please fill up this form here. (Philippines only) For my dear readers outside the country who are interested to purchase my book it is available on Createspace/Amazon/Kindle ebook and paperback. If you want it to be given as a gift for your friends and relatives here in the Philippines I would be glad to send it to them gift wrapped. free of charge (",)

Here's the book specifications:

Book Title:        "Innocence in Time" 
Size:              4.5" x  7"   (Portrait) 
Extent:                94 inside pages + 4 pp cover 
Paper:                Inside pages - 80 gsm high quality book paper 
                Cover - 220 gsm C2S matt coated cover stock 
Color:                Inside pages - Black & white printing 
                Cover - Full color printing 
Finish:                Perfect bound paperback 

Price per book is P250.00 

For a Cause:
Every Innocence in Time paperback copy sold P20.00 will go to Baby Yvan Calimlim's maintenance medication, specialist doctors' fee and laboratory procedures. Here is the facebook page created to HELP Baby Yvan

Brief details about Baby Yvan:
He was born a premature baby last April 12, 2012 weighing 2kgs. He has Neonatal Pneumonia/Respiratory Distress Syndrome and was in the hospital for two months in a mechanical ventilator. Now that he is a year old, he is experiencing the complications from having Neonatal Pneumonia which is BronchoPulmonary Dysplasia. According to her mother Heart Calimlim, baby Yvan's health recovery is on 70% now and hopefully she can continue Yvan's daily medications and other important procedures and check-ups so Yvan   could play with his Ate (elder sister 2yrs old) and Kuya (elder brother 3yrs old). BPD can be contagious to other kids. For more details if you wish to donate to Yvan please click here.

Be the first to know the story of Innocence in Time. Pre-order now (",)
Thank you in advance.

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