Monday, July 8, 2013

A Blogger's Husband (FPJOL part 2)

Yesterday I wrote about Fisher Price's Joy of Learning, now I want to share with you about the behind the scenes of my so-called blogging drama, not actually, just emphasizing the unfortunately fortunate thing that happened. Confused? Me too. LOL

It was June 16, 2013. Father's Day. I'm not supposed to be outside the house alone, I'm supposed to be planning on how to celebrate that special day for the father of my children. What I thought would happen, happened. He was not angry as in talking too much and nagging. It was a cold and silent war. hahaha

I said sorry but it isn't acceptable I know. So I felt I have the obligation to make it special everyday for 1 whole year until it is Father's Day again. By the way, the next day we surprised him with cake and some fave food.

Last week I told him I'll be writing about that event and for the first time he was interested in writing about it on my behalf. Well, it was not what I expected but I thought of sharing it with you.

He wrote this:

[ Last Father’s day, I spent it alone with my two kids. My wife had to attend an event hosted by Fisher Price. Yep, she dumped me over her hobby which is blogging about events, food, places, artists, etc. So needless to say, I felt bad about it. Even though I said it’s ok, I still felt that little tinge of frustration. It’s father’s day, it’s my day. I’m the king and the king should always feel special. Well apparently not.

Anyway, when she came back from the event, I tried to ignore her.  The following day, I decided to let go of it and started looking at the pictures (to check out if the MC was hot), and started asking questions. She told me nonchalantly that it was ok. She answered this way because she knows for a fact that I’m not really interested with these things. Just for the sake of having a conversation, I continued asking her stuff like, “Who’s this girl in the picture?” or “What were the things they discussed?” or “Is the host pretty?”… Finally she caved in and started talking about the event.

During her 30 minute story-telling, she mentioned something about this lady that attended the event with her. This lady had a very sad story. It’s about her son who was diagnosed with a disease from the moment he was born. My wife narrated how she felt broken hearted hearing these stories. And before I knew it, I was also engrossed and at the same time, started to feel really bad about it. I was so close at saying to her that companies like Fisher Price should do something about problems like these and not just think about revenue and profit.

Before I actually blurted that out, she started telling me how this lady felt so happy joining this event. Fisher Price gave their audiences information that deals with a child’s growth. Their toys are not just made for the sake of making toys but it’s with a purpose. Certain toys at a certain age will help parents determine if their children are behaving in accordance with their age. That was an eye opener for me. I started to feel better knowing that  a big company like them, who can easily get caught up in just earning revenue and forgetting what’s really important, are actually thinking about how to help parents. Going back to that lady, the wealth of information that she received, together with the other audiences, made her really happy. Not to mention the number of freebies that they got from Fisher Price.

Whether by design or accident, Fisher Price touched a lot of lives that day. My wife who kept on gushing how good the event was, and more importantly that nice lady and her child who I imagined are excitedly playing with his free toys. Oh, by the way, about the host, she’s hot. Unfortunately, I learned that she’s my wife’s friend and she lives in same village. ]


You know sometimes a couple underwent through life's tough times, not talking to each other because of some misunderstanding, but eventually, and I really believe in it to be true, that no matter what challenges may distract the relationship, respect and understanding always prevails. And that's what I most treasure about my relationship with my husband, even if he is the most difficult person to be with, he still manages to light up every dark moments in me and carries me through the toughest times all the way until everything gets better, then best. It may be very late to greet him, or as I told him that day,  I may not have celebrated that special day but everyday for me and my kids is Father's Day. And I know he knew it all along.

Good Vibes! Good Vibes!

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