Friday, July 19, 2013

Be Craftsy-fied - Get more for Free

Are you on the look-out for something new? How about something you can make extra money and still enjoying? 

Just be a hobbyist for a moment and soon you'll not just discover this new talent but would earn also once you get used to it. Craftsy will give it all to you. For FREE...

Let me take you to a Craftsy Tour for free too (",) hihihi

Registration is as easy as 1-2-3... really, literally 1-2-3 steps you'll see =)

Join Craftsy to get the most of what you're looking for.
Just provide your email and password or sign up using Facebook

Then you'll be ask to make your own display name.
Your display name will appear when you inquire or join the thread 
while watching your favorite craftsy class.

Upload your profile photo, but if you're not ready yet, you may skip this step.

This is the best part in joining Craftsy. Not only your register for FREE you also get FREE classes to choose from.. You'll go crazy for sure, with more than a thousand classes available for you.

Initially you'll choose 1 out of 9 free classes. 
After that feel free to get more FREE classes.

You can immediately play your chosen free course and be on your way
being a hobbyist of arts and Craftsy (",)

I can't help but share these classes that I personally love.

Create your own blouses, there are a lot of patterns to choose from.
For a small amount you can explore and create great collections.

And of course the free great ones too. Which I bet you will love too.
Aren't they soooo cute? Even if I don't have a little one crawling around, I will still
make this sexy baby barefoot sandal for my niece. (",)

More, free, free, free
All from Craftsy! So what are you waiting for join me and the rest of other mommies out there.

I still believe that:
One makes time for something you like even if you have to squeeze in every second
you have just to make a space for that 'thing' you've been wanting to do 
for a long time.

Do you agree to that? 
You may copy it if you like, it's my quote for you to share for free, of course (",)

Happy Craftsy!

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links.

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