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Fisher Price Joy of Learning Workshop

Didn't realize that recording your baby's milestones would be that essential in growing up years. I have a 5 year old girl and 3 year old boy, how I wished I have known and attended this seminar way back when I was still expecting, I may have recorded every single event or changes they made. But I know there's a reason for that, I guess this is one simple reason, so that I can share and let expectant moms and other moms with little cutesies to start recording their children's milestones.

What is a milestone?

A milestone is anything related to an event in your child's life, any progress on your child's growth, skills, and anything your baby does for the first time, be it smiles, his crawl, first meal feeding, first formula, first step...these are all considered milestones. Making a record of these milestones will help you see the progress your baby has and if it corresponds that age of your baby. Experts say that critical learning period where a baby absorbs fast whatever you teach him would be from birth to 5 years old. Their mind is like a sponge that feeds on every detail or lesson you give him.

Chief Mum Ms. Carrie Lupoli, a child expert, has been invited by Richwell Club to speak before us, moms and dads, about the Fisher Price's Joy of Learning. She created a very informative atmosphere, a very lively speaker she is and she made us play too and interact with other parents. T'was a fun-filled 3-hour event (for me coz I was late) at Ruby Ballroom, Crowne Plaza in Ortigas, Pasig City.

Event Prizes and Giveaway

They say, let your children play and you will know how your kid progresses as he grows up. 
Fisher Price not just create toys, they design it intentionally to help us, parents, determine if our children's age and skills corresponds appropriately to what their toys convey. Would it enhance his cognitive skills, motor development as well as communication skill? Fisher Price says YES to all of it and more.
Joy of Learning freebies
(recyclable bag include Moon Dough, Paperoki, Bendables, stationery, Joy of Learning manual)

I know I will go home with one of these great Fisher Price products. Guess what? I got two. Fisher Price Ring Stacker from being one of the winners in the group game and the Fisher Price Diaper/Mother Bag was a gift from Mr. Shan Carlos and Ms. Julie Castro of Richwell Club.  I wouldn't be at the event if not for Ms. Marylaine, the host, I appreciate you informing and inviting me always your hosting gigs. Thanks much for that.

Fisher Price Diaper/Mother Bag

Let me tell you another reason I discovered why I was there at the seminar. Maybe it's called destiny, I think. I met a mom-blogger too, her name is Heart Calimlim.

with Heart, I intentionally cropped my big face LOL

We just had that casual talk about Fisher Price and we're glad we attended the event, we even exchange thoughts on eyeing for Fisher Price products on the table. Funny. We exchanged site links and Facebook profile too. I went home glad, I made some friends there too. Anyway, what started to be just a Joy of Learning and Parenting event turned out to be fate after from what I learned who my new friend is.

Last year when I joined the group Certified Moms and Wives, which I also blogged about. I encountered a Facebook page Help For Baby Yvan and some mothers from that group already extended their help, and I thought of helping out but due to financial constraint and my Aunt who was suffering then from Breast Cancer, I was not able to give anything to baby Yvan, but I know someday I might extend some help for him.

Browsing the net after the Fisher Price event I visited Mommy Heart Calimlim's page, and to my surprise, found out she was Baby Yvan's mother. To cut the story short, I talked to Heart and well, interviewed her through fb chat and I offered to help Yvan in whatever capacity I may have at the moment. From my previous post about my Innocence in Time book, a part of it will go to Baby Yvan, it's not much but at least I have something for him. Also I am currently requesting a huge company for some help for Yvan too, I would reveal it if I got approved. For now, I am still hoping that I would come up with other ideas on how to help Mommy Heart. She has two more kids ages 3 and 2 and I know and feel the burden she is having right now. The kids now are sick, got pneumonia from Yvan. If you're a parent I know you feel for Heart too.

So that's it. This isn't a sad story, actually it's a serendipitous one. I will share on my next article the reason why. Yep, there is another story behind this.

Check out our photos on the event.
Delicious Lunch 
(chicken strips with shitake mushroom in a creamy sauce)

Delectable Dessert
(Choco and Coffee pudding with brownie)

She made us sing while telling a story and it made me realized that
it's the best way to do it so children will give their full attention and even participate in the singing,
thus, if done often times, kids will get to memorize the content of the book. It was fun.
Thanks to Ms. Mariel of The Learning Basket

Even for a brief moment, the kids get to play with bubbles
and they really loved it.They also participated in singing the Gymbo song.

Open forum - Q&A with
Ms. Audrey Tan-Zubiri and Ms. Carrie Lupoli

I had the chance to interrupt their raffle prize drawing, 
thanks to Marylaine's Mom, she took this picture of me with 
Fisher Price Mom Ambassador Audrey Tan-Zubiri and Ms. Carrie Lupoli

with Mr. Shan Carlos of Richwell Club and 
Ms. Marylaine, my good friend and event host for the day
Fisher Price The Joy of Learning Workshop certificate
The event was a Joy of Learning for me too. (",)

To know more about Richwell Club and upcoming events be a fan
of their Facebook page.
Check out their products shop online

Remember that it is still best for kids to play and use their imagination, 
pretend play and physical activity enhances their EQ,
making them more sensitive to their surroundings and also to other people.

Happy Parenting!

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