Friday, August 23, 2013

Janet Lim Napoles and the GANG: The 10B Pork Barrel Scam

Admit it, don't be in denial... One way or another you've been corrupt yourself, to family, to friends, to your colleagues or to your company.

We are not saints, but that doesn't give us the right to be bad. It is still our choice to do good to others and only yourself would know the truth if what you're doing is sincere.

Now, that our nation is getting affected and everyone, I mean each and every Filipino residents are now involved in this situation brought by the Pork Barrel Scam, would you ignore it?

Are you aware that even if you are not paying taxes you are still affected by what Janet Napoles and the GANG* did with the 10B Pork Barrel, because someone in your household or in your neighborhood is still paying his tax dues and that means he contributes to the wellness and welfare of the public including you, a non-taxpayer?

So what do you think our government should do to these alligators who feed on other's sweat, blood and tears? I have read the whole whistle-blowers' revelations and I don't know how to react to that... I don't know if the 'anonymous' guy is telling the truth or just making up stories but if he was indeed telling the truth, did he not just exaggerate some points, but what the heck, we were all scammed!

Yes, I saw and watched a clip of the lavish party of the Napoles daughter, we could have been invited to that as we all contributed to her celebration. I saw her collections and lifestyle too,  obviously we haven't seen the rest and would you wait for that, you'll just fall on your knees and never want to pay taxes ever. If we can just do that, we could have a well-to-do lifestyle too. If we can just tell our employers not to deduct such huge taxes, maybe we already have our own house and lot or a brand new car, or for some, just complete meals a day with matching salad, dessert and sodas.

I have been contemplating on these taxes and how poor our country seems to other nations. This is what I imagined if these corrupt people have not been corrupt at all:

One, there will be better education system and better school programs and facilities for the public;
Two, there will be better health programs for the whole Filipino citizens just like what Makati residents are until now benefiting from;
Three, better hospital facilities for us to have a secured and safe health treatment;
Four, better services from different government institutions because they will be provided with great facilities and more funds thus making them perform well and serve us well;
Fifth, government employees can enjoy a pay that is due to them, they are therefore serving us and your family as well, let them get the credit and giving them the right salary for their performance, if that would happen they can serve us better, one example are the public school teachers, if they are compensated well enough they will teach kids diligently, they'll exert more effort in making the problematic students get the right path of education and not focus on their yemas, pastillas and longganisas sales rate;
Sixth, good quality and above standard equipment and iinfrastructures for the railroad system, building bridges, dams, weather related system, disaster and relief operations etcetera.

It is a matter of chain reaction with a touch of the golden rule.  If one has done something bad, it will still affect others and people who were affected would have that choice to be bad too, and there goes the series of bad deeds. I feel for the President of our country because he is just one person and each and everyone has different opinions that would like to be done, but underneath it all, the basis for these rants of the citizens of the Philippines, is justice. Janet Napoles and those involved in the 10B porky barrel thingy must serve us all, be in jail.

What made us 'pagngitngit ng kalooban' is that how Janet Napoles dealt with this, it is not just a small issue of petty cash, it's the whole nation supposedly bringing-us-to-the-better-future funds, she is acting insane and even has the nerve to hide together with her brother. Wherever you are criminals, all eyes are on you. Whatever calamity or bombings or shipwreck would there be, you will never be deleted in our list of concerns, for people like you have made us even poorer. We could only say bad things to you Janet Napoles and family who are 'nagpakasasa sa yaman ng bansa'. It's as if your family is solely at the end of the bottleneck 'sustentado ng buong Pilipinas' grabbing and taking everything from the poorest to the richest, in which, if you're not aware and if you are that stupid, NOT YOURS to SPEND. You are super big time BAD, and you will pay for that BIG BIG time too. I don't think you alone Janet Napoles and brother would be sentenced to jail, your whole family who have spent even a single peso from that fund should be in jail. Enough is enough. We have been fooled by corrupt government officials over and over again, and now this certain Janet Napoles who is just so lucky to be involved with this fortune was not even a barangay kagawad or sangguniang katandaan, just adding up humor, but really I'm not even smiling on this thing. I am writing this with so much anger which I know is a bad thing, yup it is a sin to bear so much hatred to an individual, but can you blame me for that. We see everyday on the news about street children, families living under the bridge, kids who are supposed to be in school but are outside looking for a living, just some of the things that makes me angry, help must be forwarded to them, I don't mind being taxed P22,000 a month just as long as I know that it is 100% being forwarded to the needy or to a particular government project in which me and my family will benefit too.

If only bad words, curses and accusations could kill. You've been dead already Janet Napoles. Every adult mind who has read the 'anonymous' revelations have uttered your name together with an adjective that is obviously a negative one.

I have been thinking if this pork barrel tactics were already practiced several decades old then that must be what candidates must have heard about to be their benefit despite having small salary and the reason why they run for a position, I can only conclude that maybe, just maybe 1% of the whole government officials of the country were true with their service to the public, no kickbacks or pocket fillers of funds. I know one true politician, the Vice Mayor of Makati City. I knew him since he was in Sangguniang Kabataan and now even if some didn't want him in the position it was still the people's trust in his kind heart and capabilities that made him in the position. By the way, he is VM Romulo 'Kid' Pena, just so you know.

Anyway, back to Napoles. I have one question in mind that could sum up her pesonality and also of her family... Do You Have a CONSCIENCE JANET NAPOLES? Because you are now by far, to me, the most wanted criminal of all criminals. Even if you didn't kill anyone literally with your own hands, you are killing the nation (mga Pilipino) slowly because we worked too hard for a living, some even kill themselves risking their safety and health just so they can provide for their family and what do you and your family do with our hard-earned part-money (tax)? Extravagantly living your life to the fullest. Ang kapal ng shield mo! So tell me now, do you have a conscience?

What we need now is justice. Recently I've watched a clip from an international news that Lucio Tan also had some-trillion thing going on. If it were true that a huge money like that are supposedly for us, then I humbly suggest now to the President of the Philippines Benigno 'Ninoy' Aquino III, let this case be solved at once, if evidences are there already in front of thy faces, all of the riches of the involved individuals be confiscated and bring it back to the Filipino people and make us, taxpayers, not have a tax withheld for the whole year. You'll see how progressive we're going to be and soonest we will be out of the third world country list.

Why and How is that? Simple, those extras that were supposed to be paid in taxes will now be paid in housing or car loans. Parents can provide healthier food for their children not just instant and canned meals. Family can now have quality time and have social life because they can travel to places with  that extra income. For me, I'm just assuming a computation, the monthly P22,000 tax from a call center manager could provide for 3 families' food and clothing already. You'll see how huge these taxes an individual is being ripped off only to go to some fund-sucking-no-conscience-alligators such as Janet Napoles and the GANG. Whoever that gang is, soon we will find out about you guys. People are now braver than ever, we are only civilians but we can do more now than before. Thanks to the internet and social media networks Facebook and Twitter,  you light up our life, and to Jeane Napoles you opened our eyes to the world we never imagine exists. You are one tough b&@+€# and the nerve you have to post photos like that is absolutely unbelievable.

Another request to the government before I take a break from this horrible Napoles case, PLEASE BE TRANSPARENT. Honesty and transparency is the best policy. (",) Reveal the GANG. And to those keeping Janet Napoles from coming out, release her now and let the hearings begin! Sooner or later 'mabubuking ka din!' Surrender Janet Napoles!

Share with us what you think about the Napoleses and the best punishment for them? 
*By the way, GANG is my acronym for Greedy Alligators Navigating our Government.

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